Repricing Feed won't work sometimes


I have a price that resets certain times of the day with MWS - this works 100% fine 100% of the time.

I then have a text file that’s uploaded that maps out which SKUs require which Automated Pricing Rule preset in my Amazon account. The text file is uploaded through the “Manage SKUs via File Upload” feature in the Automated Pricing section of Amazon Seller Central.

There’s a 15 minute period that I know of where it takes time to start repricing. My system repeats this process all the time, multiple times a day every day.

Sometimes however, I will wake up and the price is not repricing after it was reset. I check the logs and Amazon shows the repricing text file uploaded correctly and everything is as it should be. I know it can’t really be me because if I don’t do anything, the repricing will work again eventually.

When it doesn’t work, I have to manually realize that it didn’t work (because by all logs, errors, etc it did work). This can lose me hours of crucial sales.

Why might it not be working sometimes, but work other times?

One thing I’ve done twice to fix it temporarily is Pause the rules, wait 15 min, then unpause them and then upload again.

Any tips?