Repeat Customers?


Is there a report somewhere that will help us determine the percentage of repeat customers? I know you can individually see if a customer has ordered more than once but I’d like to see a summarized view of % of customers reordering a specific ASIN.


There is no ‘repeat buyer’ dashboard or report. We track these buyers by simply downloading the [order history|] and doing a simple pivot table. In less than a minute of excel work, we have our complete list of repeat buyers and how many orders they have placed.

We manage our demographic and order patterns by downloading these reports on a regular basis and loading it to a database. This allows us to closely monitor our metrics; more detailed than what is provided within Seller Central. We combine order, shipping/tracking and payments to get a more clear picture of what is happening with our business.


Awesome tip, but which field allows you to identify unique customers when filtering? The Zip code?


Buyer Email address will give you an exact match.


Thanks again. It seems that “Buyer Email” is only a valid field for a Merchant Fulfilled report (Under Orders > Order Reports). Since 100% of our sales are FBA, we need to use the report available under Reports > Fulfillment > Sales > All Orders, which seems to be a canned report and unsure if additional fields can be added.

Report is detailed here, and does not include customer-identifying information :


Sorry for the repeat post, but we figured it out.

For FBA sellers, you need to navigate to Reports > Fulfillment > Sales > Amazon Fulfilled Shipments and request this report.

From here, you can easily create a pivot table and see who your repeat customers are using the Email field.



Is there a way I can use Amazon MWS to get alerts when a customer meets the following criteria:

  1. A new customer that places a big order–greater than $100
  2. A repeat customer
  3. A customer has requested a refund

Thank you in advance for any guidance you might be able to offer.


Is there anyway to view it for a whole year rather than just 30 day periods?


Could you do a step by step example using google sheets on how to create that pivot table you described?


Did you ever get answer on the pivot table? Tha ks


I prefer a hands-off approach to this so I can scale without adding staff. To that end, I created a solution using Zapier that logs the Buyer Email and, if already in my list, increments the order count.
I have attached the flow diagram of this multi-step Zap here.


Your solution sounds great, but I am a newbie to both Zapier and Google Sheets (although I know Excel). When setting up the flow in Zapier, it found the spreadsheet that I created and named but what is the worksheet it’s asking for? Should I have used a template rather than a blank spreadsheet? :slight_smile: Thanks!


Probably just wants the name of the sheet (tab) at the bottom. I didn’t change that from “Sheet1”.


Thanks for the idea!

I’ve signed up to Zapier, but unfortunately can not pull template from Seller central.
Zapier’s support told me to “create new order” during 3 minutes Zapier trying to fetch data.
How it could be done?

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