Repayment changes with Amazon Lending


Effective March 26 through April 30, 2020, we will be pausing repayments on your outstanding loan with Amazon Lending. Your loan will not accrue interest during this period. Loan repayments will restart from 1 May, 2020. Your next loan statement will be on the same day of the month as you have now. You will have the same number of remaining payments once repayment resumes.

Please note, it will take time to implement this change throughout our tracking systems, so you may still receive a loan repayment notice issued after that date. You can disregard the notice.

If you have questions, please reach out to


Thank you. Much appreciated.


Thank you


Thank you. Much appreciated.


Thanks and much appreciated.

We hope Lending team can help with restructure the terms with sellers at this point, so we can we re-evaluate the cash flow under the crisis and refinance as a healthy program.




So Amazon are expecting things to be better from 1st May…? :thinking::confounded:


I imagine that the lending team has timed this around when we will be able to start sending product into FBA again. As a side note we had some open offers from Amazon Lending that have been pulled back.


they still took the money anyway


Doubt it if we still can’t send products in.


Thank you Amazon!


Thank you amazon!


I was thinking the same thing. However, when they don’t, they may extend it further.

  • John


Or perhaps Amazon thinks sellers will apply for SBA loan or Extended Unemployment Benefits to help get them thru this difficult time.


dont you just love the comments from those that obviously do not have a loan?


I was just trying to point out that you have other options rather than waiting on Amazon. Some of the benefits being offered would help sellers pay their high interest Amazon loans. An SBA loan for example may be forgiven altogether. Some smaller sellers may be able to get unemployment which (with the extra $600 per week) may be more than some sellers make selling on Amazon, etc.

Time would be best spent researching and doing the math on options rather than waiting on Amazon to solve the problem for you.


@Amazon_News - hey here is a point - what if you want to keep repaying the loan / so it doesn’t get delayed? is this still possible / will it be possible / considered ? Some Sellers may almost be at the end of their current loan cycle - so may wish to keep the repayments as usual, so they can move on ASAP after the un-delayed repayment



Thank you very much!
This helps and highly appreciated.


I had requested that an additional $300 be taken from my latest disbursement, and thought it was until the payment showed up in my account and the $300 was not withheld. So if you do an auto disbursement ‘additional amount’ from your next disbursement, it seems they are not processing those. You could also try just taking it directly from your account linked to Amazon as an option (??)…



This is awesome news, I know no everyone had an amazon lending offer yet (since is by invitation only), but most of us that do have one, really appreciated this kind of effort from the lending team, even if our business still up and running, because we all in this together one way or another, and any little help is just a plus… Just hope this all crisis end soon, so we can get back on track and do it better this time.