Remove, liquidate or donate


I am considering between remove liquidate or donate two listings. My products are not selling well. I know that for removal is 0.5 Cents / Item and Liquidate or donate 0.15 Cents/ Units is the fee. What are other differences?. Do I need to pay storages fees in all the 3 scenarios or there is a difference? I would really appreciate your support on this.


If you remove them, You will own them for $0.50 more per unit than you originally paid.

If you liquidate them, you will basically get nothing for them. Then Amazon will end up selling them and keeping all of the profit.

If you donate them, they will cost you $0.50 each for the removal but you will be able to write them off. Ask your accountant how that will work for you.

The 4th option you have is to reduce the price and sell them during the holiday season.