Remove Erroneous Seller Feedback?


A customer left me a 1 star seller review for a defective product they bought from a different merchant.

The customer went into a lot of detail, including the item title, what it is, and what was defective. However, I do not sell the product in question, or anything even close to it. When I click the order number, it takes me to the product the customer bought from me, which as I’ve said, is not the product in the bad review.

The customer used the term “not as advertised” in the review, so I cannot have it removed for being wholly a product review.

I opened and re-opened a case with seller central trying to explain that the review, with the title of the product and description, is obviously not the product purchased from me, but they will not remove it.

I have emailed the customer, but no response.

Anyone have any new suggestions?



Contact the buyer, tell them what they ordered from you (and give them all the item details and order number), and then tell them the feedback was for an item not purchased from you, and ask them kindly to remove the feedback.


Thank you for the reply. I did email the buyer, doing almost exactly as you suggest. So far no reply. I believe that a lot of emails from marketplace sellers go unopened. People get so many emails from retailers, that many are just ignored or deleted unread.


There are product reviews and seller feedback. I assume your talking about a seller feedback.


Yes, seller feedback. Thanks.