Removal Order


Hello everyone,

When i created a removal order , will Amazon send my product with shipping box or any box ? Because my products in poly-bag. It may be damaged if sent without shipping box.
Does anyone know this ?


They will pack it the same way that they would send it to a customer; throw it in a shipping box, possibly with some packing material.

It’s a good way to determine if your items are packed well enough for FBA…


Thank you for your answer i would like to ask you one more thing, my account was suspended, I paid an account fee for 5 months they put this money in my account but i cant withdraw because looks like an unavailable balance . What should i do ?


I can’t help you there; but if you post your suspension notice in the General Selling questions forum, there are plenty of experienced people who can offer suggestions. Be sure to post the entire notice, so that people aren’t guessing about what is going on.