Removal/having slow moving inventory sent back home to you


Where or how do I find out how much I will be charged when putting in a removal order for items that I need taking out of the warehouse? I’m trying to figure if its cheapest to have the items “disposed” for me or “returned” to me?


We currently are charged .50 per item to have inventory sent back to us.

Our items weigh no more than 8 pounds.

If we recall correctly the charge is shown when you create the removal order.

We like to have inventory sent back to us because inventory at Amazon
never really seems to be “disposed” of but rather ends up in Amazon Warehouse Deals
or sold to potential competitors in some kind of pallet auction scenario.

In our recent experiences, FBA inventory returns are taking a very long time
to be processed and shipped back.

They are likely not a priority for Amazon with all of the other challenges they are
currently facing.


Price of removal orders has changed recently. Current fees are here:

You can view the fees in your Payments report


Right now (since July 14), removals are free. However, this is a “limited time”, with no statement as to when it will end. Generally there is only very short notice that free removals will stop, so do it now.

As for regular pricing, see the link above. With the new structure, there is no difference in price between having it returned to you and having it disposed. As others have noted, “disposed” does NOT mean “destroyed”, so if you don’t want others selling it, best to have it returned.