Reminder: Action required for listings on Amazon classified as pesticides


It Scamazon is selling the same or similar product, it is an inside job.


I have clothing items I’ve updated to include the same information. Yet they still keep showing up in the emails from Amazon. I wouldn’t be surprised, for items with contributions from more than 1 seller, if these items still get removed by Amazon.

I’ve updated all of my listings for garbage bags and mop buckets to state “EPA Registration” ,"Does not contain a pesticide"m and an EPA registration number as “Does not apply”. Hopefully that suffices since “No EPA registration required” is not an option. Is that right?


I had the same situation with a book. Downton Abbey was removed from my book inventory as a hazardous pesticide. I tried several times to get them to understand they removed a book listing. Never got a good response from seller support and then they sent me a warning to get my registration with the EPA in order to re-list the product. Again, I sent message and picture of the book. I’m still on their list of pesticide sellers.


I am having collectible stamps identified as pesticide/products. What is wrong with Amazon? I shouldn’t have to do anything to these listings.


What will happen to all the Chinese companies that sell pesticide products per the EPA? This notice says you must be a U.S. citizen. How are they able to continue to sell?


Federal Law prohibits this and is the root of the current Amazon pesticide process. Chinese Sellers (in fact any entity not based in the US (it is US Resident not US Citizen as the principle or owner) should never have offered, sold, transferred, or imported any FIFRA regulated product.

Chinese companies should not be selling FIFRA regulated products in the US. This if done properly give US Sellers an opportunity, but they had better be very knowledgeable in regard to FIFRA and CBP regulations and Law.


It would be great if someone in Amazon would review some of these policies. I too have had numerous items classified as pesticides & there is no way to get them reviewed and fixed. I sell auto parts and they have classified some wiper blades as pesticides. Go figure!! I wonder how much the person who supervises this is paid. Definitely not doing there job. There is no procedure for pointing this out.

Such a waste of time


In the case of regulated pesticides and pesticide devices policy, it is reviewed very carefully. The issue is that Amazon doesn’t make this policy independently. This policy is more or less given to Amazon directly from the EPA. It is part of the 2018 Amazon EPA Master Settlement Agreement.

Below are a few portions of the EPA’s press release concerning the Settlement:

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced an agreement with Amazon Services LLC to protect the public from the hazards posed by unregistered and misbranded pesticide products. The agreement settles allegations that Amazon committed nearly four thousand violations of the “Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act” (FIFRA) – dating back to 2013 – for selling and distributing imported pesticide products that were not licensed for sale in the United States.

Using its fulfillment service, Amazon was illegally distributing unregistered and misbranded pesticide products that were sold and produced by companies outside the United States. Pesticide products that are sold or distributed without a valid EPA registration (other than certain minimum risk products that are exempt from registration) are referred to as illegal pesticides. The distribution or sale of unregistered or misbranded pesticides is a violation of FIFRA. These products included: “3pcs Cockroach Bugs Ants Roach Kills Chalk”, “Miraculous Insecticide Chalk”, “HUA Highly Effective Cockroach Killer Bait Powder”, “R.B.T.Z. Safe Highly Effective Roach Killer Bait Powder Indoor”, and “Green Leaf Powder Fly Killing Bait.”

On August 12, 2015, EPA issued a stop sale order against Amazon that prohibited it from further distributing or selling these products. EPA issued a second stop sale order against Amazon in January 2016 after discovering additional unregistered or misbranded insecticide bait products were being offered for sale on

Under the terms of today’s agreement, Amazon will develop an online training course on pesticide regulations and policies that EPA believes will significantly reduce the number of illegal pesticides available through the online marketplace. The training will be available to the public and online marketers in English, Spanish and Chinese. Successful completion of the training will be mandatory for all entities planning to sell pesticides on

By removing such products from Amazon’s online platform and by educating third party sellers on the hazards of these unregistered and misbranded pesticide products, this agreement will decrease the availability of these unsafe products

“This agreement will dramatically reduce the online sale of illegal pesticides, which pose serious threats to public health in communities across America,” said EPA Region 10 Administrator Chris Hladick . “Amazon is committed to closely monitoring and removing illegal pesticides from its website, and EPA will continue to work hard to ensure these harmful products never reach the marketplace.”

Amazon will also pay an administrative penalty of $1,215,700 as part of the consent agreement and final order entered into by Amazon and EPA’s Region 10 office in Seattle, Washington.

As a result, Amazon has created a robust compliance program comprised of a sophisticated computer-based screening system backed-up by numerous, trained staff.

In October 2016, Amazon notified all customers who purchased the illegal pesticides between 2013 and 2016 to communicate safety concerns with these products and urge disposal. Amazon also refunded those customers the cost of the products, approximately $130,000.

It should be noted that this was by far the largest fine ever in the history of the EPA. It should also be noted that the EPA’s monitoring and oversight of Amazon regarding the offering and sale of pesticides is ongoing and that in 2020 alone at least fifty (that I am aware of) third-party Sellers on Amazon have been issued notices from the EPA that they are in violation of FIFRA.


If you are having issues, Go to Edit the Listing. Advanced View, Compliance, Got to the Bottom where the Pesticide Marketing and EPA numbers and stuff go. If it is indeed NOT a pesticide or Pesticide Device (make sure you are making no such claims etc.)
Pesticide Marking; Choose EPA Regulation Number
Pesticide Registration Status; Choose This Product is not a pesticide or pesticide device
Pesticde Certification Number; Leave Blank

Hopefully this works. It seemed to work on a product that some how got flagged on me a couple weeks ago or so.


Us too - stuffed animal, and also two different children’s games. I told them they were wrong and they countered that they were indeed correct. The other weird part is that these weren’t even listed as for sale – they sold years ago!