after speaking with numerous rep about reimbursement. It seems like they have so funny things going on. The rep was not suppose to say about this. But the c/s are not allow to transfer or even haven’t there number from the seller side. I had someone had a problem with something like this which they sue the company because they found out they had so illegal activities. Amazon rep or seller will not answer any questions or give you any explanation why there not given you your money back. There’s too many people who haven’t got paid & should get paid. Im getting attorney because the rep was very quiet with too many things . Which all my phone calls are recorded. Im definitely getting too the bottom of this. These rep are completely stupid or oblivious what’s going on. Someone knows & I will definitely find out.


Assume you are talking about being suspended. Yes, it was in the news that a seller went to arbitration and won. YMMV.