Reimbursement for Damaged item


We have an item that a customer returned for reason “Arrived Damaged”
The item is dented and there is damage to the outer and inner cardboard boxes in the same spot.
Amazon flagged it as customer damaged and refuses to reimburse us for the item that was damaged in their warehouse or by their carrier.
Any advice on getting them to do the right thing?


If this is an FBA item, there is nothing you can do.

They decide what is the right thing to do. It has probably already been tossed if the damage was that bad, whomever did the damage. There is no proof that you can muster.


We got the item back and the original boxes in a removal order. Thats how we were able to determine it was damaged inside of the box either by their shipper or in the FBA warehouse.


There are many stages to a shipment. Amazon drivers might only be used the ‘last mile’ – there is no proof other than the damaged package of where the fault lies.
Even if you have verified tracking information that tells you the location and transportation that this package went through, you are unable to prove “Who Dun it”


shouldn’t need to prove who dun it unless its customer damaged.