Registration and access problem with country code!



I was asked to complete the new developer registration and access form because I’m using a MWS access ID for an app I developed myself for my own use.

This is the form I’m referring to:

In the form I was asked to fill out the country / region code but I don’t know why it doesn’t allow me to put CA (for Canada). What should I put in the country / region code?

The values I tried: US, NA, CA, Canada
(NA for north america)

I’m trying with the values I found here:

I already fill out my country from the drop down but it’s the country code textbox that’s giving me all the trouble… See my attachments for the textbox in question.

I already asked this question with seller support but no one from seller support was able to help me (they asked me to try the codes I tried, see above) and I’m about to run out of time (30 day) to complete the form. Therefore I want to ask the question here and see if I can get through to the MWS team.


Maybe they want the country code for calling? For Canada and US it is 1.


The ISO 3166-1 Alpha-3 code is CAN
The ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 code is CA
The ISO 3166-1 Numeric code is 124
ISO 3166-2:CA is the entry for Canada in ISO 3166-2

And as @HDMS already mentioned 1 is the country calling code.


I just realized that from the position they might be asking for the area code :man_facepalming:t4:

Alberta Banff, Calgary, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat 403, 587, 825
Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Jasper, Peace River 780, 587, 825
British Columbia Abbotsford, Richmond, Vancouver, Whistler 604, 778, 236, 672
Victoria 250, 778, 236, 672
Manitoba Winnipeg 204, 431
New Brunswick Single code 506
Newfoundland Single code 709
Northwest Territories Single code 867
Nova Scotia Single code 902
Nunavut Single code 867
Ontario Hamilton 905, 289, 365
London, Windsor 519, 226, 548
North Bay 705, 249
Ottawa 613, 343
Thunder Bay 807
Toronto 416, 647, 437
Prince Edward Island Single code 902
Quebec Quebec City 418, 581, 367
Laval 450, 579
Montreal 514, 438
Gatineau, Sherbrooke 819, 873
Saskatchewan Regina, Saskatoon 306, 639
Yukon Territory Single code 867


I was able to find the data we used for our registration and it shows +1 in that field so it looks like it is the calling code. Try 1 or +1.


There is certainly some room for improvement in the forms label and documentation.


Thanks guys!!! I successfully completed and submitted the form. I used 1 for country code and it went through. Indeed it was asking for the international calling country code. It’s a shame it’s been more than 10 days since seller support started to research for the issue and they still haven’t figured it out…


I opened this thread yesterday to respond but had to leave before answering.

If you had noticed before filling in anything the field had a greyed out example in it of +1. Fields that need specific form always have examples to look at.

I just had to redo my EU yesterday because I didn’t make a call for 90 days and saw it myself.

Anyway, glad you got help and figured it out.