Refund issued for FBA order


Recently I had an FBA order issued full refund but no units returned to my inventory. I have contacted Amazon and received the replies saying that Amazon did not issue the refund. The refund was issued by the Seller or third party and therefore not eligible for FBA reimbursement.

I contacted Amazon even under Make A Suggestion section, but got the same answer. I asked Amazon to investigate if Amazon did not issue the full refund and we, the Seller did not issue the refund (my understanding is that the Seller cannot issue refund for FBA order) as well. Then, who did? Got the exact same answer back from Amazon - they did not issue the refund. Seller or third party did. Therefore, not qualify for reimbursement…We have been selling on Amazon since 2011 and this is the first time happened to us.

Anyone had this situation and can share your experience or a way to resolve the issue?

Many thanks for the help!


There is some previous discussion about what you are experiencing.

The “non Amazon entity” is still a mysterious force wreaking havoc on
FBA sellers.