Referral fee discount on excess inventory


We’re offering a referral fee discount of up to 25% on select ASINs to help you drive sales of excess inventory and improve your cash flow and sell-through rate.

To access the referral fee discount, go to FBA Inventory and create sales or Outlet deals for eligible ASINs.

The discount will apply to each unit in a US fulfillment center that is sold during the sale or approved deal.

For more information, go to Amazon-funded fee discounts.

Seller university should be mandatory along with a quiz

What they do not mention is that they pick the price of the outlet deal and it is insanely below the price you have listed.


Careful with this.!!!
This is referral fee discount meaning you are selling a $20 item referral fee is $3.00, so the 25% discount is $0.75


This rewards bad behavior.


Only problem is that I’m required to sell at a deep loss in order to qualify for the discount.


Amazon eats sellers from head to feet. nothing left.