Recent In-Bound FBA Shipments Extremely Delayed


Okay. Tempted fate by sending a single box to CLT2 (got three there lost since July 6th). Was delivered on the 15th and booked in on the 17th.


Any update with STL8 & Earth City issue? Mine was supposed to be delivered on 7/31, and the tracking status say in transit for 3 weeks now. Last update was Earth City. sigh…


My small shipment (1 box, 12 items) to STL8 was shipped on Jul 28, last update “Aug 03, 2020 06:00:00 AM - Earth City MO US - Out for delivery”


Mine was was the same as yours on 8/3 but still showing in transit both at UPS and AZ. Although the VA for UPS showed delivered when I input the numbers for tracking so hopefully they will moved to receiving soon.


FBA has in the past constantly reminded me when my inventory levels were getting low and advised me to replenish. In July, my inventory completely sold out and my listing went inactive. I immediately sent another inbound re-supply shipment which FBA showed as ‘in-transit’ while UPS tracked as ‘delivered’. My account remains ‘inactive’ stated that I have zero inventory yet plenty of ‘inbound’. I also purvey a seasonal product and have no idea when I can release my new product video if no orders can be fulfilled. It is impossible to talk to the people whom I pay who are manning the store.


I also noticed that the “tracking” queue updated when I input numbers.


Unfortunately, not for me. Mine was supposed to be delivered 8/11 to STL8. Detailed view says “Delivered” to Earth City. Tracking still says, “In Transit.” I agree with your “sigh.”


Delays everywhere are massive. It was a bit better when I chose not to ship to one location.


Does anyone here know how to open up a ‘case’ to ask or prompt on getting my shipment picked up?? we used to be able to open up cases but i don’t see that as an option anymore? we’re at 3-4 weeks now with our stuff at our FBA warehouse too like most on this thread.


Yes, my last 3 shipments were delivered to Stockton during the first two weeks of July. All are shown as delivered but not checked in.

Meanwhile, I’m shipping FBM and wondering how the heck to plan for the holidays. I typically get loaded up with my handmade custom orders then and dread the idea of having to handle both custom and normal sales as the same time since the custom orders are time-consuming.


Same here… delivered to SMF3 July ninth. After 40+ days Amazon’s answer is that it can take as much as 4 days.


4 days, huh?

Well, wish me luck. I just bypassed the shipment reconciliation process and opened a case, asking for reimbursement for my 147 missing units.

There were a few days early in this process when it appeared to me, as a former web developer, that Amazon’s developers were making some changes to the shipment tracking system and web pages, as the status of my shipment kept changing in completely illogical ways. I feel like someone took a bulldozer, dug a big hole in the Stockton receiving yard, dumped a bunch of shipments into it, and paved it over. Or maybe they hired that Postmaster General Lovejoy to f*ck up the process? :slight_smile:


Well my SMF3 shipment received date of July 29 was checked in today. 23 Days.

Now I get to wait 14+ days for all the transfers to finally land in up to 15 FC they have it marked for.

isn’t Amazon your fav? lol


Curious… Did you ship UPS…FedX, USPS?


It was only 2 boxes - by UPS. From LA to Fresno
Shipped on 27, delivered 29.

And actually, I did not tell the whole story (sorry)
1 box was checked in at 15 days. the 2nd today at 23


Mine were all shipped USPS Priority Mail. The oldest missing shipment arrived in Stockton June 20.

Shipped by me July 09 USPS Priority Mail
Last USPS tracking event: arrived Stockton July 11
Last shipment event: Delivered to SMF3 July 14

Shipped by me June 18 USPS Priority Mail
Last USPS tracking event: arrived Stockton June 20 (note the month+ difference in delivery dates)
Last shipment event: Delivered to SMF3 July 26

Shipped by me July 25 USPS Priority Mail
Last USPS tracking event: arrived Stockton July 25
Last shipment event: Delivered to SMF3 July 31


Not sure if it was luck or Amazon check in time is speeding up but I got all 1500 units(15 boxes) of a shipment checked in and received one day after it was delivered to SMF3 ( August 22nd). Now all units are on FC transfer. I have 40 more boxes arriving next week, will update if its checked in fast as this one!


I’m beginning to wonder if there is some priority for “essential items” or lower priority for drop shippers and/or arbitrage sellers. I’m about to send in my first FBA inventory for a new product for which I am the brand owner and manufacturer. I sure hope that makes some difference.


I am the brand owner and manufactured of my product, trust me… It makes no difference.

I am starting to see a pattern though… all of my problem shipments that get delivered quickly but never checked in are USPS. My last USPS shipment was refused at the FC… Amazon says I have to ask the carrier why.


Shipped 4 large boxes last week on Tuesday, shows delivered. Shipped another large box this past Monday, got there on Wednesday and it’s being checked in…but what about the other 4? Very interesting how this process is.