Recent In-Bound FBA Shipments Extremely Delayed


Henderson Nevada for me too. LAS1
Shows inbound since 7/23; last location is Avondale, AZ. Scheduled delivery date keeps moving out every few days, now showing August 12. At least I know I’m not alone in this mess.


I now have 6 shipments that have been delivered to LAS1 (Henderson NV) and not received - starting on July 27th. One more is on the way.

Like everyone, I need the August sales.


Why are all shipments not suspended at this point? It looks like every fulfillment center is backed up.

I can’t have all of this inventory “in orbit” for weeks and months with no idea of when it will be available.

I don’t especially want to merchant fulfill but that is better than this.


I now have 22 shipments showing delivered to LAS1 since July 27. None have been checked in, and I have 7 more in transit. The reconcile date is now pushed out to at least September 21. Even if the inventory got checked in by September 21, it will still be showing with a backorder date 2-3 weeks in the future, as typical. This means the inventory I sent to Amazon in July won’t be off of backorder status until some time in October! This is unacceptable. I can no longer justify sending inventory into the black hole that Amazon has become. As much as I hate self-fulfilling orders, it is now the only viable option.



Im going through this I shipped to CLT2 9 days ago, was delivered and signed for in 4 days (delivered by DHL Express) so its been sat there for well over a week and nothing…

Nothing from Amazon, nothing scanned in as received. I’ve been supplying Amazon sellers for a number of years and i’ve never had my customers complain to me with this issue, the time that I decide to sale on the platform it happens (this is my first shipment for myself to them)

So what do we do guys just sit here and wait?.. is there anything I can to find out whats happened or speed it up?



I have two shipments delivered recently to LAS1, the first one delivered on July 29, the second one on August 6, both still not checked-in. I used to be assigned to FTW1, the speed was acceptable, but this new FBA center, really slow processing. I open the cases three times asking about this, but always replyed with “copy and paste” answers. my storage level is very low now, I am thinking of changing to fulfillment by merchant if they are still not checked-in


Today I finally had one of my 7 waiting shipments received. It was delivered to LAS1 on July 27th. It isn’t the one that has waited the longest (July 25th), but I will take anything at this point. I hate being thrilled over something that should have happened long ago - but I am.


Did your shipment to STL8 ever go from “In Transit” to “Delivered?” And, from there did it ever get checked in? This is exact thing is happening to me now. UPS is telling me to put in a claim because they consider it lost.


my shipment which delivered on July 29 is in processing now, none of them can be sold, all in transfer…

the one delivered on August 6 still waiting


It is still “In Transit”. But the AMZ Shipping Events now shows that it is in Earth City and is scheduled for an Aug 15 delivery which is a new update from AMZ.

I think what has happened is that the AMZ yard was full of trailers and they told UPS to not bring anything to them so UPS is storing their trailers in Earth City waiting for a “slot” at AMZ. That is why UPS shows delivered to Earth City instead of St. Peters but also still in transit . But this is all guessing on my part from reading between the lines. I don’t really know what is going on :blush:.


Hello George,

Yeah, mine is “Delivered” to Earth City, too. I am hoping you are right and it is in a trailer and not lost like UPS said.


My UPS last update for STL8 inbound shipment:

Aug 04, 2020 05:21:00 AM - Earth City MO US - Out for delivery

Today, 8/13 it moved to Receiving, so it should be fair to assume if that’s the last update you see your package was delivered.


Im experiencing the same problem here. First it said delayed due to natural disaster, then earth city. I called ups today trying to find out what’s going on. The rep told me to call Amazon:joy::sweat::sweat::sweat::sob:


did you generate the label on Amazon or billed to your account? if it was billed to your account, you can file a claim. I used Amazon label system, when i called UPS, the rep told me since both shipper and receiver are Amazon, only Amazon can file a claim. They can not accept claim from me.


@All_Star_Toys_Inc, yeah, UPS via twitter and on the phone told me that even though they talked to the hub at Earth City and they assured them the package was delivered, the UPS reps told me to put in a claim that the shipment was lost. I am scratching my head.


It’s good that you could still file a claim. I can’t even file a claim because i used Amazon’s partner shipping, Amazon is the account holder. Only Amazon can file a claim. I might have to start using my own UPS account from now on


Smart move! If you want to send some just send a smaller amount that won’t impact your FBM inventory too much. Eventually, it should be booked in… I would hope!


I’ve got a shipment at CLT2 that was delivered on July 6th and no check in. The reconcile date moved to August 30th. Also, I went to check today and all the tracking information has disappeared from the amazon interface. Doesn’t even show it was delivered.

Luckily, I saved all the information along the way as changes were made. I have proof of delivery along with the name of the person who supposedly accepted the shipment. I’d suggest that everyone document everything just in case we have to fight for reimbursement.


4sku 1box 45,45,30,&28 quantities. Amazon split my shipment in to 4 warehouses. 4 SKUs directed entirely in IND9. delivered July 31st. Aug 15th still not checked in. I have zero available of these sku. they are toys. hot wheels actually. given Amazon doesnt oops my entire shipment, I would clear $1000 after all fees. while in stock these are very fast moving. they should all already have been sold but are not even checked in yet. other warehouses have long since had my items available for sale…Maybe Federal Trade Commission would be the correct place to talk with


You’ve overlooked it. It has been there for weeks.

Normal receiving times are 4-5 weeks for me. There is a global pandemic and greatly increased inbound and outbound shipments at FBA warehouses. Ship earlier.