Recent In-Bound FBA Shipments Extremely Delayed


Has anyone else been experiencing significant delays with In-Bound FBA inventory shipments being checked-in and received?

I have multiple shipments that arrived at the FBA warehouse more than 3 weeks ago and have yet to be checked-in.

The delays are becoming worse than those that were experienced at the onset of COVID-19.


we have a shipment delivered on 20th . still waiting to be checked in.


3000pcs. Delivered June 23. Checked-in from July 12 … it will be a month of status checeked in. I don’t know what to do anymore … the goods were season-for-summer.

the support response is repeated: wait, we won’t do anything about it manually.

IND9 greenwood


I still don’t have any inventory received after 45 days from shipping and still counting. It’s a real bloodbath out here.


Was going to create a similar post, but I’ll jump on this one.

IND9: Delivered 7/16, Status “Delivered”, reconciliation date of Sept 10

STL8: UPS site shows delivered 7/31, Amazon still shows as “in-transit” (no idea what that discrepancy is all about). More shipments going to STL8, we’ll see.


We have been experiencing the same.
Huge delays and partial delivery.
Even when a shipment has become eligible for reconciliation almost one month ago (hundreds of units missing) we are still waiting for Amazon’s response.


I have the same problem at STL8 – it may be a UPS glitch. AMZ tracking says “In transit”. When I check the UPS site it says “In Transit” but also “Delivered” to Earth City. Huh??


I have several boxes that have been Out For Delivery at Earth City for 2 weeks now. UPS says that Amazon should open the investigation, but Amazon says they can’t until delivery is complete. Frustrating.


Interestingly, on the other forums, several merchant fulfilling sellers have mentioned that their UPS deliveries have not been updated to “delivered”, thus impacting their on time delivery status.

I am wondering if there might be some kind of API glitch on the UPS end or Amazon end that might be affecting both of these scenarios.


I too have a shipment that is “in transit” and has not moved in the UPS system for 10 days now. Frustrating…


Wow!! I am glad I decided to read these posts. I was just about to create an inbound shipment to Amazon from my FBM stock for the first time in months. But now I guess I will wait and keep an eye on what is going on here. Thanks for all the posts!


I’m guessing the entire system was overloaded, the new inventory restock limits should stabilize the backlog and we should see the effects of that happening soon, just have to sit tight and wait - opening cases with SS won’t help unless the shipment is already closed.


Same delivery related issue with this warehouse via UPS.


I have the same issue. It shows out for delivery to Earth City? On 7-31 and nothing after that. The status is in transit on both Amazon and UPS site with Amazon continuing to move delivery date back. I don’t know if it’s lost or what?


FTW1 - 1000 units and 10 boxes delivered on 6/26. Still waiting to be checked in.


Henderson Nevada - I have 5 shipments delivered but not checked in or received. I have 2 more on the way.


This general message appears under Shipment Events:

" You may experience longer than usual receive times due to a higher volume of shipments. Please note: We are unable to manually expedite the shipment receive process, and Selling Partner Support does not have further guidance."

Did they just add this message over the last couple of days or have I just overlooked it?


UPS is showing my shipment delivered on 7/7/2020, but not yet checked in by amazon warehouse


Every inbound shipment in the past month is either not showing delivered or delivered but not checked in. We are quickly running out of FBA inventory and all replenishment stock is sitting somewhere not available for purchase. All of this and just accepted a loan from Amazon with the first payment due in 6 days. How nice it is to accept a loan offer from Amazon to use for building our Amazon store yet will need to make payments with interest from my bank account because our balance at Amazon remains in negative due to monthly subscription, storage fees, and inbound transportation fees. This is the first time I’ve seen anything like this in 12 years selling on Amazon or anywhere in the 25 years I’ve been in business.

We are considering just sending a payment in full to pay off the Amazon Loan and just let everything sit until Amazon gets caught up. At this point eBay sales are far exceeding Amazon sales because we self-fulfill our orders.

The humorous part is that there was a recent poll asking if I thought Amazon could support my business. Inventory stuck either with the carrier waiting for a firm delivery appointment or in the yard of some Amazon Fulfillment center waiting for check-in doesn’t pay for my suppliers, employees, Amazon Lending or least of all ME. Hey at least we have other channels to sell on so its not the end of the world. I feel for the businesses that are not as fortunate to wait it out.


Same thing with FBA going to Charlotte NC location. Shipped several packages to them, oldest was sent 7/16…delivered to dock 7/24 and nothing more since. The next 2 sent on 7/21 & 7/23 were scanned in & completed in less than 1 weeks time !!! The next 5 still show as inbound, all delivered but with no further action. One SKU became “inactive” 2 wk ago when inventory ran “OOS/out of stock” in spite of sending enough product (in 4 different boxes) to cover 2 month worth of sales…it’s all sitting on a dock somewhere unchecked !!! Had another shipment back few months ago appeared lost, no tracking info for almost 4 weeks, then it showed up as delivered 1 week after orig ship date, but still took a month before scanned/checked in…caused another SKU to become OOS for over 2 wks !!!