Receiving money


I just opened my sell account and try to sell goods.

Please let me ask a question.
If I sell my goods in amazon mexico( then the payment can be transferred into my USD account in payoneer? or should I open MXN account in payoneer also?

I’m asking because idk why but i can’t open MXN account in payoneer.

Thanks in advance


Payoneer is not a bank. Amazon also does not accept their cards as a valid credit card on your account. You need a bank account and a valid CREDIT card. Without both of those, Amazon will not let you sell.

Because you just opened your account, you are about to be suspended for your identity review. This is normal and happens to all new sellers. You will need to provide Amazon with everything that they ask for. Nothing more and nothing less. Make sure you get a real CREDIT card on file with Amazon. Prepaid cards like Payoneer or bank debit cards are not acceptable to Amazon. You need a real credit card where a financial institution has actually extended you credit.