Received Intellectual Property Complaints


Hello, First of all i have already read topics which are opened before but mine is a bit different;
I get an email from amazon and it seems as
under performance>account health tab as [Received Intellectual Property Complaints]
, This ASIN is variated and just one of them closed.
But, I have closed all listing immediately and tried to contact with seller via email which is given from amazon but the email is wrong mail cannot be delivered.

we are not selling this item from this list anymore. as i said before closed the other variation listings already.

Is it necessary to write anything from appeal button? ( like POA)
Because when i click it title is :“Reactivate your listing”

We doesnt want to reactivate this listing?
Thank you for everyone for wasting their time.


Greetings @Party_World,

This is Jane from Amazon to assist you. I understand that you have received a warning in your account health dashboard(AHD) under the Received Intellectual Property Complaints and would like to understand how you should proceed.

Yes, I urge you to address this policy violation by sending an appeal via the appeal button in the AHD as this violation will put your account at risk for deactivation. While I understand that you have already deleted the item from your inventory and you no longer wish to sell this product anymore, you should still address this violation to prevent unnecessary disruption to your selling account.

In your appeal, you should identify why your product received complaints from rights owners indicating that that the content is infringing on their intellectual property, what you did to resolve the violation, and what you will do to prevent any infringement issue moving forward.

It is a good idea to enter your AHD regularly to monitor the violations here and address them as soon as possible, so they will not accumulate and jeopardize your account health. Thank you for putting in time and effort to address your current issue. I hope the above has provided some clarification!



Hello @Jane_Amazon Thank you for your fast reply.
Do you have any idea for contacting seller? Because email adress is wrong cant accepts emails, ı have searched from uspto and find the firms name, but cant find any website or contact information about them.
Is that true to send pm from with using ask seller area?
to apolagize to seller and ask him to retract the complaint?


Are you saying the contact email address bounces?

If so, that’s usually a good indication of a fake/manipulative IP complaint.


Hi there @Party_World,

Thank you for your response. This is Aurora here with Amazon.

I understand that you’re facing an issue where the email address of the rights’ owner does not accept your emails. I applaud you for attempting to use other methods such as USPTO to connect. Since your attempts were rejected, I would advise you to explain the steps that you have taken thus far and the rights owner’ details that you have used in your appeal.

Likewise, a gentle reminder to what Jane has mentioned above, besides reaching out to the rights owner, we would urge you to read your performance notifications and enter your account health dashboard frequently to address any concerns as required to prevent account deactivation.