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Hello any body help please?

i sent the information to Amazon for my Reactivate of account and i still do not get answer from them? i do not understand i sent electricity bill, brand invoices, internet invoices, phone bill, bank account and more… Account Health is Green! so i do not understand nobody gets back to me. PLEASE HELP? Thank you


Are you going through the new seller verification? If so, Amazon normally requires one piped utility bill and only that. Sending things they did not specifically request will normally lead to denial.

It may take 30-45 days for Amazon to reply. Future contacts may move you to the back of the line.


Did you get this resolved? If so, how? I’m having the same problem.


Please read through this thread, to see if you can find a solution:


no news yet ? please let me know how can it work out


Likely what you sent didn’t look right to Amazon. After the first 2 fails they are slow to respond, and eventually stop until you send what they asked for and send it how they want it.

Figuring out the mistake sometimes can be tough for new sellers. Just read everything Amazon gave you closely.


Please dear, i’m having the same problem, im ready to pay you to verify if there is anything wrong with my account and help me get back my account, same problem, i provided fixed line bill as they required and still i didnt recieve any message and i have no idea what is the problem, my account was suspended last january and i stoped sending appeals since 30 days ago

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