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Question Regarding Re-stocking fees…We have always been able to apply re-stocking fees (up to 20%) for returns in original condition and today we went to refund an order and the max amount I am able to do is $20.00 when it should allow me to do the full 20% which would be $29.99 on the $149.95 tool. Is this a new policy ? Any thoughts on this?


I haven’t had do use the page yet (will get my first return with this new system today, we will see how it goes) but there have been discussions happening on the forums after this was announced and after implementation.

I don’t think you can charge a restock fee on original condition items now, but check the forum post I linked and see if anyone has come to a solution.


Not anymore.


When it is not acceptable to use a restock fee, it requires that either orders with shipping charges, the shipping is not refunded. Then, it is useful to factor the return related costs into the base pricing. For example, If you have a 5% return rate and the return related costs are 10%, you would plan for a 0.5% pricing increase to cover that cost. That process would be used for any cost related changes that should be factored into pricing.



Thanks! Just saw this …We just had someone buy a saw and the return it and then buy a different one and return that one as well. This new system just allows for buyers to buy and return time and time again without any repercussions. I guess this is just part of doing business with Amazon. This is awful because sellers are going to have to raise their prices to recoup the loss on each return.

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