RE - Amazon still holding my payments


It has been months since I last received any payment from Amazon for my sales, I decided to contact them last night and they replied with the following message repeatedly:**

**Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

A change has been made to your disbursement schedule because of a performance assessment where one or more of your customer satisfaction rates did not meet Amazon’s performance target.**

You can see your Account Health in the Performance section of Seller Central:

Sellers who do not meet performance targets tend to have more claims, chargebacks, and refund requests from buyers. The change to your disbursement schedule is to make sure that you have enough funds to fulfill any refund requests from buyers.

Over the next 90 days, funds will be reserved until seven days after delivery. Where tracking is not provided, funds will be reserved until seven days after the latest estimated delivery date. Click here to learn more:

You can see your account balance, disbursement schedule, and reserve amount on the Payments page in the Reports section of Seller Central:**

SO… I checked my Account performance page and found ZERO issues with any of the performance categories but yet still they keep sending me the same above message.

I have attached a screenshot of my account performance page, am I missing anything that Amazon keep reminding me about, can you guys spot any issue with my account performance?

Thanks for your help



Has it been 90 days? Have you checked the link?


Hi, yes, it has been way over 90 days plus the 7 days, anyway, since I posted this question, I have been hot on Amazon’s heels requesting to explain why they still holding my money and also asked them to explain why they think my performance target was not good although it is clearly 100%, so they came back to me few days ago saying " we have passed your case to the higher dept to look into" and guess what? since then, they have started to release my funds on a daily basis, it only $30 to $60 per day but I am happy they finally realized that there was nothing wrong with my seller performance and that my money was way overdue to me :slight_smile:


I’m glad you talked about this topic, I was confused why I had $0 but the money was sitting in charge back, I’m new they said you start out slow, also I know there are fees but I’m gonna give myself a year and see what happens


Hopefully you won’t have to wait a year for your money, as long as your “performance, Account health” is in good shape, you should be getting your money on a regular basis. Since I posted this topic I am receiving regular payments every 24 hours, not much but enough to keep me going. Give it 2 to 3 months since your first sale, if money is still showing zero and your Account health is good, send Amazon a message to check why payments are still being held. All the best :slight_smile:


I am having a similar issue, and I can’t see any reason for them not disbursing the funds from my sales. Sales were from mid-July, which were delivered by the end of July, and the funds are just sitting there. It is well past the 7 days after delivery for these items, and yet they won’t transfer the money to me. And I can’t find any way to directly ask Amazon what is going on.


Hi, check if your Account health section is perfect and contact Amazon through a case log by requesting to release funds as its been over a month. It worked for me, I sent them 3 emails before they started to release my funds :slight_smile:

Good luck


I am having the same problem but I cannot find how to contact Amazon as a seller. Would you please be so kind as to tell me step by step how to contact Seller support.Thanking you in advance.


I wish I knew. I am trying as well to contact them. I have an issue with my account that I simply don’t understand and can’t seem to find an answer to. There must be a way. I don’t even care if it is by e-mail instead of phone.


Hi @BooksFiction,
We meetthe issue like you, it has been 2 months, and $240,000 is held now.

You said you sent 3 emails and then they release full funds? Which emaill address did you send? ?


HI AnboorDirect, I just sent them message through contact Amazon under the “Help” section, to this day I am receiving enough funds to keep me going. As long as your “Account Health” section, under the “Performance” section is perfect, you should’nt have problem getting your funds.Good Luck :blush:



My Performance section is perfect and ZERO issues. I can get $0 in 2 months now, we need the money to run company. How long did you get your funds? How long did the Amazon release your funds?

Thanks for your replying, yous replying gives us hope


Hi, thats great, you have a very strong case because Amazon wont be able to use the excuse for you having a poor performance to holding your funds, because thats what they tried to do with me in one of their replies. I then sent them screenshot of my Account performance and replied with a medium tone message, next thing you know, they escalated my case to another dept, I did not get a reply, however next day I checked my payment section and there was $50 available for me to transfer. It was a very small amount but it started the cycle for my payments coming through. This happened over a year ago, I still have large amount held by Amazon but they are releasing small amount funds every day, which is better than not receiving at all LOL.
I would have copied and pasted my messages and amazon replies on here but its been deleted by amazon due to the messages being too old.