Racially Hateful Amazon Custom Request - What Do I Do?


Has anyone received something like this? What did you do?

We received an Amazon Custom order from a person requesting we engrave a knife with a name, two swastikas and some text that translates in English to “the white calling”.

I contacted Amazon support and requested they cancel the order and block the buyer from leaving feedback. They told me they couldn’t do that, but I should contact the customer and request they cancel the order themselves.

The customer did not respond by the end of the business day before the item was set to ship, so we were forced to cancel it to void late shipment. I messaged support again on the same case and the agent said that I should contact support again to have the feedback removed if the buyer left negative feedback.

The buyer left negative feedback, saying “Why was my order canceled?”

This was after we sent multiple messages to the customer addressing the situation, and also after the customer emailed us on 12/17. She sent us an email asking why her order was canceled, to which we responded with two separate emails letting her know why.

I opened another case with support to have the feedback removed, and the request was denied. The agent assisting on the case sent me back the standard copy-and-paste email that all denied requests for feedback removal get. I appealed it and the agent from the leadership team did the same copy and paste response.

IMO Amazon has brought us a customer that requested we create a weapon with racially hateful statements and symbols on it. We should certainly be able to decline such a request without fear of repercussion, and negative feedback is certain in situations like this - all sellers know this.

I feel like if Amazon does not protect Custom sellers against racially hateful requests like this, then Amazon is almost requesting that we make these products with hateful symbols and text.

We have had other requests like this on other marketplace sites and we handle them the same way.

We cannot be expected to create products with swastikas on it under threat of negative feedback. That is just as good as Amazon telling us we must do it, because multiple instances of negative feedback means account suspension. Even if we comment on it, our average and search results are still negatively affected.

I mean, right?


Offensive and Controversial Materials

In my opinion, that’s an item that explicitly promotes or glorifies hatred and intolerance based on race. As such, it is a restricted item that you’re prohibited from selling on Amazon and you were completely correct to have cancelled the sale (and in fact could have faced penalties on Amazon for selling such an item had you gone ahead with it). I would keep appealing, citing that policy all the way.


Hello Respect Printing,

Thank you for posting on the Amazon Custom forum.

We understand your concerns. Please open a case (with the feedback you mentioned) at the following link so we can provide direct assistance:


Be sure to Select “Selling on Amazon” and choose the “Amazon Custom” drop down so we may assist further.

We apologize that you received an order of this nature. Please feel free to reply with any other questions you may have.

Best Wishes,



Nice, that will definitely be helpful!

I will still keep appealing. They closed the case the first time I appealed it, so I have opened another and am waiting on a phone call from a manager, supposedly.

The CSR told me I should ask the customer nicely to remove their feedback, because it is an issue of them not liking our customer service and I “should use it as a learning opportunity on how to better serve your customers”


Hi Thanks for the response, maybe you can help.

I have made multiple cases now, both under feedback removal and also under Selling on Amazon, Amazon custom as you suggested. The feedback removal request was closed with a standard response, and when I submitted a case under Amazon Custom, selling on Amazon, I received the exact same copy and paste response about the feedback not being eligible for removal - I should message the customer.

I asked in each email to be transferred to a manager and not have a copy and paste response, but each time thats ll I received.


Hello Respect Printing,

We thank you for taking the time to discuss this situation with us. We will be reaching out to you shortly with further information.

Please feel free to reply with any other questions you may have.

Best Wishes,



Thank you!!

I just received a response via email saying they have removed this feedback as a one time courtesy.

She also gave me this info:

"Please keep in mind that Sellers that participate in Custom have the right to refuse to print/create an order with content they believe may infringe on Amazon policies, without that cancellation impacting their Seller Performance scores or ratings. Because of this I have also ready out to our Seller Performance Team on your behalf to ensure your metrics will not be affected for this situation. As they are a team the operates outside of Seller Central they will reach out to you via email should they have any further questions about this issue. "

So, hopefully armed with this info we can resolve issues like this more quickly if they arise in the future.


Hello Sellers,

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