Question regarding products if using Amazon as our warehouse


We are considering using Amazon as our warehouse because ours just isn’t working well enough for us - multi-channel fulfillment, basically. My main question is, do we have to list ALL of our products on Amazon in order to use this service? We would prefer not to, but can’t find anything about this.
Does anyone know?



Anything that you want a multi-channel fulfill, you need to have listed on Amazon?

There are other fulfillment Warehouse is out there,?

The other thing about multi-channel fulfillment is that it’s the last thing that Amazon generally is going to get around to doing… So you may find some very very unhappy clients because they’re not getting there merchandise in a timely manner…

Perhaps if you look locally in your same town, there may be a fulfillment center, alternativly a local business, with staff & Facilities-- that you could work with easier, then having to send your merchandise to Amazon’s Warehouse, the other problem is they pack poorly, there was very little dunnage in their boxes, & overall it may be a poor or bad experience for your clients…

And if you put enough packaging around it so that it actually will arrive-safely --Unbroken… you might find that your storage cost are somewhat unreasonable?

Amazon is a bit of a data mining operation, do you want to have --access to your customer list?

Good luck


No, you can opt to use FBA for only 1 SKU or all your SKUs - totally up to you.

I suggest you read through the Amazon help pages to get familiar with FBA. Start here:


Sorry for the confusion. To clarify, we have been selling FBA for a few years now and have been thinking about paying Amazon to warehouse all of our products - to be our warehouse, essentially.
Based on this option, we want to know if we have to list all of our products on Amazon in order to do so, or if we can only list what we have been selling on Amazon and leave off what we don’t want to sell on that channel, all the while they are fulfilling every order for us.


Yes you do. They changed this about 3-4 years ago. You used to be able to have just your products in the warehouse and not sell them on Amazon. At that time they would also send out your items “white label” as not in an Amazon box.

Now you must list your items for sale on Amazon to use the fulfillment option.


But you can set the start selling date to years in the future so they are not available for purchase. This requires a pro account.

List products for multi-channel fulfillment exclusively

You can list your Multi-channel Fulfillment inventory without those products appearing for sale on Amazon by entering a Start selling date that is far in the future when you create your product listing.



Good to know! So, if we enter a ‘start selling’ date that is far into the future, does this mean we can keep pushing this date out or does it get set once and cannot be changed?