Question about Amazon's new Amazon Warehousing and Distribution program (AWD) program


Hi, Jeff_Smith
Our inventory is still on the way, we will pay attention to it and update here.


Mine has, but I am only sending small parcels domestically. I literally send it in a box or two at a time and wait for it to be received before sending more.

I refuse to risk more inventory than that until I feel confident that the system is working. It helps that I am on the new product program and can send it in on Amazon’s dime.

I just had an item go backwards today, from FC transfer back to Inbound Quantity. smh


I learned to keep away from AGL and AWD since most say they are no better than what i am using and it does little but creates loads of headaches.


What courier do you use? I e-mailed them and they said “Allow me to explain that Small parcel delivery (SPD) functionality is in the roadmap and might be accessible to users by Quarter 3-Quarter 4 of 2023.”


I am using Amazon’s shipping via UPS.


Hi Tiff,

Yes, but now I have another issue, would appreciate your support here! :slight_smile:

We made an appointment with AWD center in advance, and it was scheduled for delivery on November 29. However, now this has been rescheduled, and our appointment has been updated to January 5.

Would be awesome to get this delivered November 29th as first agreed, we have already shipped all goods and do not want to ship it back to our 3PL warehouse in CA.

Case ID 11357207501

Thanks in advance for your support @Tiff_Amazon and have a nice day!

Viktor through Johan & John


Hi Viktor:

Thank you for letting me know about your case number and question. I'll take a look and get back to you.

*Update: it looks like your case is being routed to the AWD team for review. I will continue to monitor the case ID and be available for any additional support or questions that arise.



Hi @Jeff_Smith:

I've been keeping an eye on Case 11116130151. It looks like the shipment ending in -YH6 is now showing a status of Receiving. The team is still awaiting internal updates on the shipment ending in -ETK.



Hi Viktor:

It looks like Case ID 11357207501 has closed after communications with the AWD team. Do you have any additional questions about the case and shipment?



Two months after our inventory was delivered to AWD, our SKUs are still showing on as out of stock! We rue the day we decided to trust Amazon and send our inventory to AWD. Never again.

Communication is non-existent and execution is dismal. Shut AWD down.


Hello again @Jeff_Smith:

I'm very sorry that you're having this experience. I am checking on how best to share your feedback and experience directly with the AWD team.



Our 40 foot container has arrived to the port of New York to be delivered to the IUSL coded AWD warehouse. Our trucker is trying to get an appointment, but the trucker kept asking me for an FBA ID of the shipment even though I told them that this is AWD and not FBA. I asked them to use the reference ID instead since AWD team told me to use the reference ID to get an appointment and now the earliest appointment time Amazon is giving is 2 months away from now which is ridiculous. When they try to get an instant date from Amazon, it gives an error saying that there are no matching shipments. My hands are tied at this point. This is ridiculous @Tiff_Amazon


Hello @Rug_House_of_Anatoli:

Thank you for mentioning me in this reply. Do you have any seller support case ID numbers that you can share with me to investigate further?



Hi what receiving times have people been experiencing once shipments have been delivered to AWD?


Hi @Jeff_Smith:

I am still following case ID 11116130151 for any updates, and we re-escalated it for review today to determine if there is any further information that can be shared with you.



My first shipment arrived to AWD 12/6/2022, however still has not been acknowledged as received.

I have many other shipments arriving to AWD, but now thinking of intercepting them, paying the fees to change them up and send them to FBA as this service “Amazon Upstream Storage / AWD” seems terrible.

Anyone else having severe delays on receiving their goods at AWD???


Does anyone know if I can use the Amazon Warehousing & Distribution (AWD) program to send in new ASINs? @Tiff_Amazon do you know?

Scenario: I’m a private label seller who uses FBA. I regularly ship my products from China to USA using Amazon Global Logistics, and recently I started occasionally using AWD when I can’t ship directly into an FC due to Amazon’s restock limits. My supplier just finished producing an order of a new product I haven’t sold on Amazon before. Due to Amazon’s restock limits, I can’t create an FBA inbound shipment directly to an FC. If this were an existing ASIN that I have already been selling on Amazon, I would not hesitate to create an AWD shipment. But because this is a new ASIN, I’m unsure what will happen if I ship it to the US using AWD. It looks like I’m able to create an AWD shipment for this new ASIN, but I’m unsure what will happen when it gets to the Amazon AWD warehouse. Will it just sit there forever, and never be automatically be sent into an FC, because there is no gone-out-of-stock trigger to do so, given that it’s a new ASIN?

Any info or experiences you can share relating to a scenario like this would be really helpful, thank you!


Hi @SiseEnt:

Thank you for your question!

I reviewed the Amazon Warehousing and Distribution (AWD) program page to see if there was mention of new vs. existing ASIN eligibility. The product eligibility section describes a list of product types that are not eligible for AWD, and it does not expressly prohibit new ASINs as it is written.

To verify any product questions and program specifics, I would suggest sending the scenario below to the AWD team for direct review. You can do this by opening a Seller Support case and mentioning any of the following phrases to route it to the AWD team - "upstream storage", "AWD", or "Amazon Warehousing and Distribution".

Thank you,



New ASINs are allowed and ship without impacting units limitation.

We are overal very satisfied by AWD, one of the main issues would be to add the ability to rename a shipment, as well as showing EAN/UPC on the label to stick, and to have the pick / pack list in the correct order.

I hope to see AWD in both the EU/UK and Canada soon.


Is it really possible to ship domestically to AWD with Amazon partnered UPS? That would be great news! How do you do it?