Question about Amazon's new Amazon Warehousing and Distribution program (AWD) program


Hi @ZB_Vites:

Are you referring to this section on the Amazon Warehousing and Distribution page?

Product Eligibility - The below list summarizes product types that are not eligible for Amazon Warehousing and Distribution (AWD). During the booking process, sellers are prohibited from selecting ASINs that match the following criteria.

  • Perishables and datelot: products with an expiration date

If so, I am not currently aware of any way around the restriction. With that said, I would encourage you to inquire about this with the AWD support team. It would be helpful for them to understand your concerns, feedback, and the impact it has on your business. Please note, if opening a new seller support case, be sure to mention any of the following phrases to route it directly to the AWD support team for review - \"upstream storage\", \"AWD\", or \"Amazon Warehousing and Distribution\".

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.



Hi @Jeff_Smith:

Thank you for letting me know what's happening with your shipments. I have reviewed the Case ID and noted that while the case is with the right team, you've been waiting for updates for quite some time. Given this, I have escalated internally to determine if there are any other options to expedite a review of the shipments. Please monitor your case log for any updates.

Let me know if you need anything else right now.



Hi @Tiff_Amazon,

I’m excited for AWD and have two questions. First, do you know if there are any plans to expand the offering to footwear? Also, I have some small products where it doesn’t make sense to send in a pallet - do you know when UPS shipments will be available?



Hi @Rooney:

Thanks for your questions!

The latest program information is shared in Seller Central, and it looks like shoes are still excluded at present. I am not aware of any timeline or plans for expansion of this category

On your second question, I would suggest opening a Seller Support case to inquire about your products and UPS shipments. That will help ensure you receive the most updated information about your options (include a note about AWD or Amazon Warehousing and Distribution so it's routed to the AWD support team). Please share the case ID number with me so I can track any information.

I'm glad to see there is such interest in the program and we're gathering as many resources as we can to help support your questions.

Thank you,



Hi @Jeff_Smith:

I heard back from the escalation and can confirm that your shipments are being researched and handled accordingly by the AWD team in case 11116130151. They are awaiting updates between you and the team should continue to flow through that case.

I am sorry that I cannot move this along faster for you. The AWD team is dedicated to supporting these types of shipments and is working to update you as quickly as possible.

Please keep me posted and let me know if I can do anything else.



Hi @Tiff_Amazon:

The AWD team says they referred the case to another team but they have not heard back from that other team. It seems that everybody is passing the buck and waiting for someone else to do something while nothing is being done. Come on, guys! Amazon is better than this. We are dying here!

What’s the name of the VP in charge of AWD? If anyone knows, please post it here.


Hi @Tiff_Amazon
So I created my first LTL non-partnered shipment to AWD which has shipment ID STAR-RAYPPPW5Q5UXG
I got all carton labels and pallet is booked with non-partnered carrier UPGF which was available though the drop down menu in step 4 of the workflow. However it does not generate pallet labels. Should there be any pallet labels on a non-partnered LTL shipment? I also do not get an option to enter tracking numbers or PRO umbers. Could you check that for me please. Or do I just go ahead and send the pallet with the BOL on the outside of the pallet and the AWD will see the carton labels on the cartons to scan?


Hi @Jeff_Smith:

I have reached out again this morning to inquire about any additional updates on your shipments, and will continue to do everything I can to support you.




Until we understand what is going on with AWD, I would not send any shipments, unless you want your inventory to fall into a black hole for an indefinite length of time.


Hi @Tiff_Amazon , I have a shipment which has just arrived in New York. I would like to urgently reroute it to AWD, rather than my 3PL because we have decided to shift to AWD.

The Shipping plan allocates KRB7 in California.
Is there any way that I can trigger an AWD closer than that? It will cost too much to truck across the country.
We will also be wanting to ship the rest of the contents of our 3PL to AWD but we won’t be able to do that if it has all got to go to CA.


Hello @Great_Ideas_in_Nutri:

Thank you for this question. Here is some information that I have available regarding the program.

The AWD program has multiple facilities in the US; however, sellers cannot choose the AWD storage facility they inbound to. Amazon manages the placement to utilize capacity efficiently and place inventory close to customers.

It may be helpful to still reach out to the AWD Support Team directly and inquire about your specific needs, though. To route your request directly to the AWD team, please open a new seller support case and mention that you are using the "AWD" or "Amazon Warehousing and Distribution" program.

Please let me know if you need anything else.



Do not reroute anything to AWD unless you can afford to lose it for months on end.


Amazon AWD has received 1700 boxes of my inventory, I am shocked at how the service is.

My prime free shipping date is 40+ days from today, how is this any good? Also, before I sent the shipment to AWD they told me I am able to make add-on replenishment even though I am over the restock limit. But this seems to be a lie as my add-on requests has all be denied because my restock limit is maxed out.

So now I am basically ruined, my business is dead because I sent all of my inventory to AWD and none of it will be sold during Christmas.

I am a gift store and we sell Christmas gifts, the inventory will not be able to sell after Christmas.

I am going to close my seller central account to avoid paying AWD fees for the next 12 months till Christmas 2023.


Do not send anything to AWD.

I have just sent 1700 boxes to AWD and all this inventory will be lost for months. My business is ruined because of this.

I am going to speak to every forum possible related to Amazon FBA to inform sellers not to do the same. Amazon AWD is a joke and it will ruin your business just like it has ruined mine.


Only carton labels are generated for AWD shipments, and even the carton labels don’t have a printed address – only a barcode that AGL will scan, and a code for the Amazon warehouse (not FC) that the freight will be shipped to. I just had my supplier put the AGL carton labels on both the cartons and the pallets, and that seemed to be okay – the shipment went out. (As to whether it will ever arrive, that’s another question… we will see.)


AWD is obviously not ready for prime time - pun intended.

Amazon should be assessed stiff penalties for this fiasco. They are bankrupting your business, our business, and many others’.

It’s funny how demanding they are of sellers but hold themselves to a much lower standard. The epitome of hypocrisy!


Hi Paper_Rock:

Thank you for sharing this information with me. We are sharing this information with the AWD team and will provide updates as they are available.

Do you have any Seller Support Case ID numbers that you'd like me to review related to this scenario? I can see if there are any other paths we can explore for you.



Hi, All
I’ve also created a shipment to AWD, I have a question.
Our partner shipping agent stated that although in seller central creating shipment Amazon only allow LTL shipping, they shipped an AWD shipment with SPD (Small parcel delivery) and still got deliverd.

Does Amazon really put restriction on shipping method for LTL Only?


LTL and small parcel deliveries are accepted at AWD, but (for clarification) apparently only Full Container Loads are allowable from China.

I don’t know why they don’t allow FTL as well, but they must have their logistical reasons…


Has the inventory you sent to AWD been received into inventory?