Quantity for some products displayed on our website do not match real-time FBA quantity


We currently sell both on Amazon and on our website. The quantity displayed for our products on our website is based on Amazon’s feed; however, we recently noticed that the quantities that is being shown for some (not all) of our products on our website do not match what we currently have available in FBA. Has anyone experienced this before?

Additionally, does anyone have any ideas where the incorrect numbers might be coming from? We were thinking that if there was something wrong with the code, we would not be able to get available quantities at all.

In any case, we already asked our web developer to look into the issue but we thought it would also help if we asked for opinions here in case anyone has any idea on what is happening. Thank you!

Also, not sure if this is the correct category to post this to. My apologies to the moderators for the duplicate post or if this is not the correct place to post this under.


You need to be more specific. What API and method are you using to see the inventory count that differs from what you have.


This is the correct place to ask … but as @Buildcom mentions we need to know exactly how you get the data. My guess is the developer is using Reports though.

However you get the data you’d be wise to set your web site quantities lower than the FBA stock level.