Pulling Amazon Custom Personalizatoin Data from Orders into Excel or CSV File


Hello MF24
You may want to connect with GDT and try their free trial
Best Bob


GDT offers a tiered pricing structure, we only charge for the first download versus for each. We also offer a tiered pricing schedule, Currently there is a 30 day free trial of the Applications. Best Bob


Do you have a way to do multiple rows? We have 2-3 surfaces with 3-4 spots each. We need them organized to be able to speed up production.


Hi Steph,
Great question.
The output contains 1 row per surface
Each row has columns for each text1 value including text label, text content, text color, font set
Hope that this answers your question.
Again email me with a sample orders file so that you can give it a try.
Email to bob@gdtimagepro.com
Thanks for your interest.