Pulling Amazon Custom Personalizatoin Data from Orders into Excel or CSV File


The problem: Currently Amazon gives you links to the custom data in the customer order report that you have to go to to manually pull for each and every order. In our excel file, it is column AP with the custom data link.

The question: How can we pull the Amazon Custom Personalization data directly into an excel file for our designer to use to create the personalized custom products without have to go through each order row (i.e. Custom order) and click on the personalization links in column AP? Does anyone know a programmer who can do this so it automatically does it daily when we log in?

Thanks in advance!


We have the same issue and are very surprised nobody on the Amazon Customization team can help. Were you able to figure this out?

Thanks for any info. you can share!


has anyone figured this out?


there is someone on this forum who had someone write her a program that then worked with shipstation. I think their post was from a couple of years ago. You can probably search this forum and find it.


Anything on this?


I’ve done some work on a similar project to this. Everyone’s business is different, but if anyone wants to PM me I will try to help / point you in the right direction.


I have a programmer who coded a php server to connect to Amazon and then downloads the customization to a database.

I do not monitor this forum often so if you want to PM me for his name, I will be happy to pass it on.


We stopped using shipstation which was hard because it’s a very good platform and started using a company called “ShippingEasy”. They are able to take in the customize now data, and you get it crammed into one cell. We than export our orders, and we have a google sheet that can parse the customize now data into seperate cells. This works really well


Does anyone know of a solution that brings down the personalization by simply hitting the “Update all Stores” button in Shipstation? There should be a way to make this happen without having to mess around with .txt files or .csv files! I think they have to modify the API - and go grab the personalization field and then populate it in a field on the shipstation order.
We get over 200 personalized orders per day from Amazon - most all of them PRIME. We download orders from Amazon about every 10 minutes! Doing some additional process that involves .csv’s is not a viable option for us.


Handmade customization information isn’t available via API; since your listings appear to be primarily in Handmade, there’s no way for any piece of software to bring them down automatically. (Amazon Custom listings can have order customization information grabbed via API, making it at least theoretically possible for ShipStation or other software to use it.)

Also - you’re making some very cool stuff.


Thanks Henry! Feel free to purchase some:)


Hi all, fellow seller here who has cracked this.

I have it working on my system fine and saving me hours a day (Mondays especially)
I have spent about 12 months resolving this and want to role this out as a side business. We have it so it plugs straight into Adobe PS and IL to design items using all the Amazon variables. EG, we can design 20 canvases/posters in about 3 mins (previous 60), 20 return address labels in about 30 seconds (previous 20 mins) birthday banners 10 in 2 mins (previous 30) Looking to launch this as an online subscription for about £0.10-£0.12 per download sale of custom order. If people are interested, what is pricing like to you for the hours saved? There are a load more hoops to jump through for Amazon to let me do this for others (its was hard enough to do it on our own account let along others) and it is going to cost me a load more to meet Amazon security requirements. If there are people out there interested, I will continue along my journey to get it live and would love some BETA customers, if there isn’t the demand, I will simply save my time and money and continue using it for myself.
If there are people interested, drop a PM and let me know volumes you do a day (only personalised) and across how many SKU’s.
Cheers and happy selling and thanks for reading.


We would be interested, but would not pay per download. I would pay a flat monthly fee based on my volume tier. i.e. under 100 orders is $50 a month, 1000+order is $200 a month. Obviously not exact numbers, but as an example. Too many customers cancel and rebuy to change customization or shipping speed and we would lose money paying by the download.


Who is your help that does customization for you?


Thanks for the feedback and info re scales, this is something I considered. With our system able to strip out cancelled orders we wouldn’t charge for non processed sales on either structure.

Do you mind me asking how many you do p/m of custom and across how many SKU’s this is either parent or child structure. Simply for research purposes to get an idea.



We are interested in this.


I’ve done this for my own product! I’m a computer engineer so that definitely helps. All you have to do is download your packing slip for the day and my program will export the info you’d like to excel or whatever program you desire. We are even able to produce CAD files for every order automatically. Saves us HOURS of tedious copying and pasting! If anyone is interested send me a message.


Omg, i Neeeeeed such a program… i would love to hear more. Going to email you directly as well.


I’d be interested in finding out more about your download customization solution. Please email me at norm@laniermerchants.com

Thanks In Advance


Hello All,
GDT ImagePro is offering a 30 day free trial of their popular Amazon Custom Solution for new customers.
This application pulls custom orders from the seller central orders txt download files and generates an Excel CSV file with one row of output per custom surface.

Contact Bob@gdtimagepro for more info on this offer.