Public MWS app pending review for converting to a hybrid Selling Partner API application


We have a published Amazon MWS public app now and we’re using Orders API and Feeds API.
MWS Orders API will be deprecated on August 1, 2022. And we just submitted our edit for converting to hybrid Selling Partner API application on July 19, 2022. From the documentation, it’ll be published in 5 to 10 days.

We need to get the app published in order to migrate our current clients to SP-API according to this issue.

Is there any way to speed up the process of the review process? Will the deactivated status of our seller central account block the process?

We’re kinda desperate…


We’re in exactly the same boat. We have a public published app. This was previous a MWS app but we switched recently to a hybrid app. And we’re not able to migrate existing MWS clients to SP-API. When we try to do so, we get an error saying “the application isn’t configured with roles.”. We do have proper roles set for the app, and we are able to access data using SP-API - it’s just the migration endpoint that’s not working.

From other posts on Github, it seems that you need to re-submit your app listing, so we did that, but we’re concerned it might take longer than July 31st to get that edit approved. We’re also concerned that this may not solve the problem, since our assumption that this is linked to the problem is based only on what others have said on Github.