Profane or vulgar content is not allowed in Sponsored ads


I have a product with a sign “let that sh*t go” without * and actual i. Tried to run Amazon ad campaigns but they got suspended. Reason - Profane or vulgar content is not allowed.
Will any of these options work:

  1. Change the title of the listing without the “sh*t” word;
  2. Change the main picture so there would be no “sh*t” word;
  3. I can change the printed text on the signs with the next shipment so there would be no vulgar content. However in that case can I leave the same listing with reviews?

Thanks for any help.


Oh man the exact same thing just happened to me - first product and first PPC campaign suspended for same reason. Hopefully someone here has a workaround!


Did you find anything that ended up working and allowing you to run the campaign? I’m having the same issue with the word “butt”, didn’t think that would be considered profane or vulgar.


Hey! Did you get any solution for this issue? Thanks