Product Wrongfully Identified as Plastic



I have been appealing several cases for months now to prove our products do not contain any plastic materials. Long story short, our products were flagged as plastic. Now this has caused the other issue in which by California law, a product cannot be plastic and biodegradable. Our product’s tea bags are biodegradable and it is labeled on the package.

I have been tirelessly trying to get the proper process from seller support, to prove our products do not contain plastic without success. We have sent manufacturer documentation, made changes to listing and nothing. Cases always go back to square 1 with the claim our products are restricted for sale in CA due to the plastic issue.

Recently Brand Registry picked up our latest case and they continue to disregard our question for instructions to prove our materials do not contain plastic.

If you have had a similar or same situation, we would really appreciate your help and input.

Thank you!