Product weight and Shipping Weight


I am new to FBA, was previously fulfilling my own products but just sent a box of inventory for FBA. I was reviewing our products and noticed one product has very high FBA fees. It is a sheet of craft foam, 9"x12" weighing 0.6oz. The shipping weight is listed at 6lbs which is why I think the FBA fee is $6.26.
Does this seem right?


First take a look at the Reports > Fulfillment > Fee Preview report. It will provide you with details on FBA fees and the product weight and dimensions. If there is anything wrong, you will need to provide proof of the corrected weight or dimensions or request a cubiscan to be performed for the item.

If you package is largish, the dimensional weight may be much more than the actual weight. Amazon (and the carriers) set their fees based on the larger of the two. Be aware that this will be based on the packaged and packed item. I would add 2 inches to every dimension for the carton size and packing material.

You can determine what it will be by (l x w x h)/166. Unless the item is 9 inches thick, even the dimensional weight should not be 6 lb.



It could have been a data entry error, but some FBM sellers have been known to increase the weight on items so they can charge the customer less for the item but more for shipping. If it is incorrect contact seller support to get it changed. It’s very unlikely that a 9 x 12 inch sheet of foam would have a dimensional weight of 6 lbs.


Divide by 139 now for all FedEx packages. Divide by 166 for UPS when the package is less than 1 cubic foot (1728 cubic inches) and by 139 for packages larger than that.


Seems like an entry error but it would very had to say with just 2 dimensions of a 3 dimensional object. Foam will have different dimensional weight between varieties like EPP or EPS and fill density, but the general rule of thumb is shipping weight = product weight + 10% (dungage). Of course YMMV and it’s certainly better to package your item up the way you would ship it FBM and record your actual shipping dimensions and weight.

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