Product Tax Code for Oregon seller


I’m in Oregon where we have no sales tax. I just sent my first used books to FBA and they are stranded because they need a sales tax code. Do I use the one for books or some “no tax” code. I also sell some tools–what code ought they to have?


You have no sales tax in Oregon yet you need to collect sales tax in other states. So you should use code for books.


Looks like the product tax code should be A_BOOKS_GEN or A_BOOKS_RELIG

You can see them all at


So code for books. Up until now, selling merchant fulfilled, Amazon has charged and paid sales tax without my doing anything. Does selling FBA require getting sales tax certificates in all the appropriate states (where goods are warehoused) and filing with them individually?


Not sure why they all of a sudden cared. Most states are in the MarketPlace for sales tax.

Amazon has never required a seller to be registered for sales tax in any state. The states on the other hand :slight_smile: