Product sales numbers?


Where do we find or request sales stats of a product in general?
meaning i want to sell my popcorn on amazon…how can i see how much is typically sold on amazon ? number of units, orders…companies also selling?

i thought this kind of information would be easy to asses or find…any help would be great.



The only staats you’ll get for a product is your own.

Amazon’s not giving out that kind of TOTAL Sales info per item to you.


Amazon does not provide this info.

I believe there are some websites that try to guess at some of this data based on sales rank at an individual product/ASIN level but it is just a calculation, not actual data. This would only help if you are trying to sell an existing product.


I get over 10,000 results for “pop corn” in general search. Seams pretty flooded but as long as you do FBM you could try it. Especially if your brand is locally sought after.