Product Safety Complaint: Close Dated/Past Expiration


I have an ASIN that is now suspended on February 22, 2020, due to a complaint that the item was received close to or past its expiration date. As the brand owner and manufacturer, I have provided Amazon documentation from the very first production run of this food item, clearly showing that the very 1st batch had an expiration date of July 2020. This is clearly a confused consumer or a nefarious claim by a competitor. I have opened several cases and appeals and have not heard back. I have requested bin checks and images from Amazon, but have not received any response. This ASIN was selling about $1,200/day and has been completely cut off. The item has a 4.5 star rating and had never received any negative feedback. How can I get someone to help? Thank you!


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Every time I’ve had this happen, Amazon “looks into it” then comes back 2 weeks later and says they made a mistake. They take no responsibility for the monies lost because of their dumb actions.
And now, half the time they don’t bother pulling your product when its expired even though they REQUIRE you to tell them the expiration date when you do a shipment, then when someone files a complaint, Amazon says its your fault the customer got the expired product from the FBA warehouse.