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So silly me I see now that I have been taken. I asked everyone for help and got some nasty messages so I kind of thought it was me. I have sold approx four items each time been returned even though I have purchased brand new products, video taped packaging serial numbers and informed customer all info up front. I have received back different serial numbers, dinged up products or told that it was a different product than they ordered. I have had to pay all the shipping both ways (Amazon amount is and unable to sell products as they are returned damaged. I went online and did a search and found that this is a common practice called “laundering”. I am disabled on a fixed income which is pertinent to this as I have lost on each item. The customer is basically getting free items to resell by returning used products back. Please don’t bully me with nasty comments as I am reporting to Amazon. I am shocked that nobody clued me in after asking for help and want to warn others They say they look at people like myself with a few items that will be easy to launder and not say anything

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It does happen every now and then but I did not realize that it happens with such regularity to those who are new.

We sell relatively safe products, so far so good.

I will look into your case later today, unfortunately I can only offer opinions, but educated ones.

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I wrote in the other thread that you were both unfamiliar with Amazon rules and guidelines and also being taken advantage of. My advice was to stop selling on Amazon, and that still holds.


I’ve never heard the term item laundering before. However, New/low volume sellers who try to sell electronics are at high risk. If an item that is different than sold is returned, I’d politely email the buyer threat the serial numbers do not match and an error must have been made. We photograph serial numbers next to a print of the order number.

another set of at risk sellers are sellers who violate Amazon policies such as refusing returns, citing local pickup only, or reselling items as New that have non transferable warranties, all of which are huge Amazon violations that will get a seller suspended.


Yes, its easy for a determined and thieving buyer to take advantage of sellers.

Some products are more vulnerable than others to this sort of theft.

Are you selling electronics? That is a very vulnerable category.

Amazon care in the first instance about its customers. They are all innocent until a pattern emerges in their buying habits which shows that they are effectively petty criminals.

Fortunately this remains a small percentage.

You may want to reassess what it is you are selling, or perhaps switch to another venue where there is more seller protection.

Because there is precious little seller protection here.

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I confused my Ebay setting which I had set up as no return and local pick up so I am sure I am not in trouble with Amazon as they have records of everything. It seems to be more of a problem this laundering, as I have gotten emails that say that this is happening a lot more than we realize. I have been told to not sell certain easily scammed items and that using video and serial numbers is silly as they Amazon doesn’t have time to investigate. I sure hope someone Anyone from Amazon will reach out and speak to me. Other than just pay up again and again. I have also been told to pad my prices for theft. I am an honest person. Strive to do what is right. As I have only sold so few things and been hit so hard, I think it would be fair to track customers who are abusing the system, especially as they use reviews on us. Can you imagine if all four of your sales how it looks? Thanks for your input. I guess I have been really stupid as on most of my sales I sent little extras like extra memory cards etc that I thought the person could use as a little thanks. Silly me!


I’m sorry to hear. It must be a very painful experience. Don’t eat yourself up. Be careful and continue. There is always the light at the end of the tunnel!

Good Luck!


I am so so sorry this happened to you.

That said, one the BIGGEST mistakes that a seller can make on Amazon is to not read this forum and the General one. When I started it was the first thing I actually did. I spent days reading the forum posts and then reading the Amazon FAQs. I did this because the posts literally addressed almost every problem that the normal seller would run across and they emphasized which sections of the FAQs I really needed to understand.

IF you want to continue selling on Amazon it would behoove you to do this. You will learn how electronics and cameras is a terrible areas for new people to begin with. You will learn that you need to read about Return policies and how to ship expensive items to reduce your risks.

Again, I’m very sorry you ran across such awful buyers.


What do you want us fellow sellers to do for you. You have already posted atleast one other thread in this same topic.

This problem happens to those that don’t know what they are doing or to those that sell high risk items. It isn’t a specific problem for seniors or disabled sellers.


The OP wasn’t selling high-risk items. This happened selling a fondue set and maybe a hair dryer.


Well then I guess it was the my first statement and not the latter.

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