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We’re looking to ship our products to Amazon for FBA. Because the packaging is acrylic cases (which could be a but brittle), we’re looking to put each item in a bubble wrap bag so that these do not get damaged during shipment.

Wondered if that will be OK given that I read somewhere Amazon needs to be able to scan the bar code easily. But for this to happen with our shipment, each item will need to be taken out of the bubble wrap bag and then scanned.

I have attached a couple of pictures to give you an idea.

Please help. Thanks.


Greetings iATO International.

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Ideally, your units should be scannable without having to remove them from their prep packaging, which will make it easier for our Fulfillment Centers to receive your units properly.

I recommend taking a look at the videos on the following help pages, which show that bubble wrapped units should either have labels that are scannable through the bubble wrap, or the label should be placed outside the bubble wrap.

  • [Labeled Inventory|]
  • [Packaging Glass, Ceramic, Breakable, and Fragile Units|]
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Thanks Jamie & Funky.


That looks like it might be difficult to scan, so you might want to place your FNSKU “sticker” on the outside of the bubble bag.

Because bubble wrap doesn’t provide a smooth surface, we either place a piece of tape under the “sticker,” or place small bubble packages into poly bags and affix our stickers on them.



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