Product Deactivated Due to Alleged Copyright Infringment


We had five separate items that were removed from our Amazon store due to a “supposed” copyright infringement complaint. These were some of our best selling products: products that we have created, packaged and sold ourselves for more than a decade. We were never contacted by Amazon to inform us that there was a claim against our products before they were taken down. We have sold these items on Amazon for years without a complaint, and we’re now having difficulty getting these items reinstated in our store. Has any other seller run into a similar situation before from Amazon, and not been given an opportunity to dispute the claims before action was taken?


Thats how it works with a copyright claim. You may have created the product, but you are probably using verbiage in your marketing the contain a copyrighted term, and a rights owner filed a complaint with Amazon. In these cases Amazon will immediately remove the listing. Now what you need to do is go into the listing and remove any words or phrases that may be copyrighted. For example, your product may be a knockoff of a national brands product and you may be using words that are copyrighted. Once you clear the listing of any copyrighted material you can reach out to Amazon and request reinstatement. Generally you will get a performance notification in your account where you can see exactly what was infringing, but it has happened to us that you dont even get that and need to reach out to seller support for clarification.


Hi @Salts_of_the_7_Seas,

Sophie from Amazon here to assist. Thank you for reaching out to the forums community with your questions.

I understand that you have received some Intellectual Property (IP) complaints. Since you have shared that your products are self-manufactured, is your brand registered for any trademarks or patent? Are you registered on the Amazon Brand Registry? If so, we highly recommend you to submit all relevant documents. Any proof including invoices, licensing agreements, design files, can and should be included along with your appeal to provide evidence that you own this brand, design/product.

Otherwise, as @Maxxima has pointed out, you might want to check if any parts of your products may potentially be infringing on other owner which leads to these infringement complaints.

At the same time, if you have yet to patent/register your brand, we strongly urge you to do so as soon as possible to avoid future IP complaints relating to copyright, trademark and patents.

I hope the information above has offered some clarity for you.



Sophie, I have a tangential question in a similar vein. I am merely a retailer (not a brand), and was selling UPC 9781936781911 which is a Dungeons and Dragons adventure novel created by Paizo Publishing that I purchased through an authorized distributor. I did not create the listing, I matched to an existing listing, and I will first say I don’t exactly understand the IP complaint, which is given as “reason- potential trademark misuse (Dungeons & Dragons).” The brand Paizo Publishing is probably the biggest brand producing Dungeons and Dragons adventures at this time, which makes this difficult to understand…

All that said, I don’t care to fight this. To me it’s one product. Maybe Paizo and DnD are fighting (seems unlikely), or maybe some sort of weird Amazon thing happened. I don’t care. The action taken was “listing removed.” I took my own action of deleting my SKU/products and will just not sell it again. Is my account safe? I just don’t want to get caught in the middle here.


These should help


Yeah copyright ipv are easy to fight since by law Amazon HAS TO accept a counterclaim, where on trademark amazon MAY accept a counterclaim.