Product damaged by usps marked FRAGILE & Handle with care


I know this is terrible it happens to us too. We even have fragile and do not bend and the get bent. Lots of angry people out there. Sadly we just have to deal and lose money. I try and tell my customers that it really is not intentional its not like we like to lose money. lol


orange stickers are a JOKE. I put my own stickers on them some employees still don’t care regardless. Best advice pack it like it’s going to be thrown off a CLIFF.


I am having the same issue with USPS recently. Have been just using UPS now unless USPS is necessary like shipping to a PO box.


How to check your packing. Pack the item, hold it above your head and drop it. If it dose not break, probably good to go. Marking it fragile or glass is appropriate, however for some people in the carrier system that simply means “kick me”. I ship 1000s of glass articles. I double box everything. Inner wrap, then box, outer wrap, then outer box. Styro fill if necessary. People hate styro fill but to bad. I charge more for shipping because I spend much more for packing materials.


I have a solution for you kinda unorthodox but in my opinion makes usps care a little more lol. order cremated remains boxes and put products in there that are valuable. i worked for P.O and nobody cares about fragile stickers just a formality. the cremated remains boxes work for me when i send glassware


Bottom line is “fragile, handle with care” stickers are useless. It all comes down to expecting the worst and packaging with that expectation in mind. If doing so means the product(s) is/are unprofitable, then you stop selling that/those products.

And BTW: It’s not just USPS. All couriers mishandle/are rough with packages. Again, expect the worst, act accordingly if financially feasible.


If it was multiple you have a problem and will lose A-Z. I advise all sellers to stop selling items which expose you to liability. Sell smaller, easier to ship items. Avoid electronics and fragile.

Buyers see this as a loophole. You will have to refund in full for all them


yeah avoiding electronics is smart i know some that do ok but your right refunds and returns all day. been doing small household essentials killin it


very true fed ex is terrible lately


In my experience, double layer your shipping box. That may mean cutting down another box to line the shipping box you are using. I use two boxes. I cut one down into pieces and hot glue it to the sides of the other strengthening the sides of the box. I then add the item in its original box to the doubled layers shipping box. I haven’t had any complaint’s since.

I also pay for insurance so that if it is damaged I can reship it and file a claim to be reimbursed through the USPS. The insurance isn’t that much and saves the worry about the costs. USPS claims can be filed on line with the proper browser. I found that Chrome and other browsers don’t work for the USPS website. MS Edge is the only browser that works for me to file a claim on the USPS. The checks have come in about 14 days.

Hope this helps…


Sturdy box that would normally be too big for the item and multiple layers of protection. If you have 6 inches of protection on all sides you should be okay. Don’t bother with “fragile” stickers. I worked for Fed ex and can tell you that package handlers are moving way to fast to notice stickers on a box. All boxes are treated equally. Now a driver may be more careful but it is almost never the driver that damages a package. It happens during transit from one hub to another and they don’t care about your fragile sticker.


You might consider shipping via Priority Mail which gives you the first $50.00 in insurance coverage for damage or loss (you pay for declared value over $50.00). I would also use a larger outer container and more cushioning.

If you ship with United Parcel Service they give you the first $100.00 of insurance coverage, UPS regulations require a minimum of 2-inches of padding or cushioning all around.


Look on youtube. There’s videos demonstrating ways to test packaging for fragile items and I think amazon has a video on here for the same thing


Fragile, handle with care, photos do not bend . . . There’s not a seasoned USPS carrier who cares anything about what’s written on ant parcel packaging. It is the sellers responsibility to ensure it’s packaged, protected and shipped appropriately so as it reaches its’ destination with such intent.


I think they kick it around a bit when you do mark it fragile handle with care.

If you do not know any better than this then maybe you should not be mailing these items.


Except I believe probably 95% of damage happens during the automated part of routing, sorting, and getting to the destination PO. 4.5% of the damage happens when a clerk is pulling packages out of a container and tossing them (often times up to 10’) into the hamper for the route they belong on.

Carriers and clerks don’t have time to say, HEY! here’s a fragile looking item, let’s play catch with it. Or let’s kick it and see what happens.


My experience in matters like this are it needs to be insured in order for you to get reimbursed. They could have lost it entirely, but if you didn’t pay the insurance they won’t cover it. You can call and try to get reimbursed but they are pretty vigilant about not reimbursing uninsured packages


“Special Handling” adds over $10 to Priority Mail. And it doesn’t provide any guarantee. I bet it has little to no effect on how a package is handled. That $10 is not all. Special packaging to provide all the extra cushion that other have suggested will add to your cost for packaging, but most certainly add to your shipping cost. Does a buyer really want to pay an extra $15 to $20 for the possibility that the chance of breakage is reduced? How much better is the result?

Look at the money. If your sale is $50 and shipping is $15, is it worth it to anyone to pay another $15? Do the number of shipping damaged items go down enough to justify the increased cost? Maybe… If you consider that you will shipping far fewer orders.

If the numbers don’t work, maybe selling a different product would make better sense.


After you are done packing your packages, throw them across the room. If you are afraid to do that, don’t give it to USPS, UPS, or Fedex. No special handling charges required.



When we offered this we were assuming that the jars were the packaging itself with a label and UPC on them say for example a jar of jelly.

Many posters have correctly pointed out that if removing the packaging, like in the case of a light bulb, leaves the product without a manufacturer label and UPC that would not be advised.