Prime Day is coming—get inventory in by June 27


Don’t miss out—make sure your products arrive at fulfillment centers by June 27. We want you to have enough inventory for Prime Day!

Check out our 2019 Prime Day guide for promotion strategies, sales techniques, and access to social media templates that you can post right away. Stay tuned for an announcement on the date for Prime Day 2019.


If it’s like last year’s, “Canine Appreciation Day” might be a more accurate name. :slightly_smiling_face:


This would be my first prime day. Am i able to send in whatever inventory i want or is this something Amazon decides what I can and cannot send it to be sold on prime day?


Whatever you decide — you’ll be lucky if they get your stuff on the shelves by then. Thousands of products will be sitting and waiting to be checked in.
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it seems any stuff

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EXCITING :rofl::rofl::upside_down_face:


Any inventory, but focus on what you know sells best.

I’ve participated in all of them and my long term experience is the real sales increase for the week is about 20% My sales always drop the few days before then sales pick-up on Prime day and that 20% increase is for the overall period.

And BTW, you ARE participating in Prime day, every seller is, it’s a Amazon sales event and not just a certain sellers event. Amazon wants you to send in inventory because they don’t want your increased sales to run you out of product. They don’t want to loose their share of the profit on your sales!


Most years have been great for us but last year with all the glitches we didn’t do any more business than normal. If anything i would say we lost sales at that time.


Hey brew_control, any idea why they said such a specific date of June 27? I’m launching a new product and it would most likely arrive at fulfilment centers around July 1st. I’m hoping I don’t miss out on Prime Day because my inventory isn’t in at this specific date…!


Well, what do you suppose the deadline they’ve given means, then?

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Will Amazon Prime day feature my products that are enrolled in the Small and Light Program? This is one of my best moving products, but because of the program parameters it is not Prime Eligible.

Will this affect its Prime Day sales?


when is the last day to enter prime day ?


If it’s like some other Amazon policies, it could mean very little.

Meltables are a good example. In February the ban on meltables was going to take effect May 15th and cover anything that could not withstand 100 degrees indefinitely; later, and unannounced, they changed it to May 1st and 120 degrees. And enforcement of meltables has been inconsistent too: last year the small size of one of our products was restricted from FBA, but the large size of the same product was unaffected.

So the June 27th deadline could be rigid, or meaningless. We’ll just have to wait and see!


Well I suggest you just wait till, say, July 5 to send your stuff in, then.

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My only preparation for Prime Day is coming up with more snarky remarks in case Amazon falls on its face again. :grin:


If you are an AMZ seller, you are eligible.


It’s not very helpful for the forum to be full of wise cracks to legitimate questions. It would be very helpful if experienced sellers just provided some insight into how Amazon has handled things in the past, given they dont always follow their own rules, guidance and deadlines. If you have nothing positive to contribute, FB would be a better place to post insulting answers.


I believe it’s possible these days to get a sense of humor surgically implanted. It might be something to consider.

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Just waiting for someone to say something that’s funny…


Because arriving at the distribution center and being available for sale are two different things. The June 27 date is just what Amazon thinks is a pretty safe date to have them arrive. Some items that arrive before that date will not make Prime Day, and some that arrive after that date will.

At this point in time (June 10) just get them to the distribution centers as soon as possible.


Thank you for the comprehensive response. I’ll definitely aim to send in inventory ASAP :slight_smile: