Primary user issue after login email address change


about 3 months ago, I lost my e-mail account associated with my amazon seller account. Then, I changed my e-mail address by submitting a needed document then, I updated all notification options too.

So, everyday I login into my seller account with that e-mail address.

There is no any other users on the account. Noone has ever been assigned.
It can be easily seen on “user permission history”

On “User Permission” section, I see “manage permission” button

but the e-mail address appears as my former e-mail address.

It should be automatically changed by amazon administrator when I changed my seller account e-mail address which is used for logging into my seller account.

Now, pq-offer-review@amazoncom requested me to submit documents for a product by using that e-mail (former one). However they sent me the e-mail to my new e-mail address like every other e-mails from amazon.

In this case, What do I have to do? I`m the account owner. I changed my login e-mail address 3 months ago. I just realized that there is no option to change the e-mail address which is displayed on “User Permission” section.

They requested me to submit documents within 7 days. 3 days already gone