Pricing Health updates


Here, here! Longtailers can relate! :slightly_smiling_face:


One of my ‘bad’ feedback’s on eCRATER was because a lady paid $25 for a vintage designer Vogue pattern. When she got it, she saw that its original price had been $5 and was upset “Although I realize the pattern was very, very outdated, pricing it at almost 2-1/2 times orginal?!!” She was the one to buy the item at the price shown. Why is she crying about the price? Some of the older Vogues do carry a hefty price tag. I just found one of eBay that sold for $99.

So far I haven’t been told to lower any prices which would make me upset that some newbie not knowing what they are doing has priced everything at $0.50-$1.00. Those that say there is a method in our madness when it comes to pricing. For sure I won’t price below my cost and without a profit.


I try to look at these situations (they do arise once in a while) as opportunities to give great customer service…in the education department! And trying NOT to make the customer feel uninformed, naive, dumb.

Still I’m amazed that many don’t get it.


Kind of like how at times we used to hear of someone selling a very collection Sci-Fi paperback that was originally priced at 10 cents and the customer was upset because they were charged a lot more for it. In purchasing power, it would cost now $0.87 new which of course we don’t buy them for that little anymore. Then, of course, the cost of mailing it. Why don’t people get this as well?

One of the reasons I like shopping at my local thrift store is some of the great deals I find. I found a complete 5-piece place setting in my absolute favorite Oneida flatware design for 10 cents each piece. To buy them new? $65 for what I paid 50 cents for. With a careful eye on things, you can find everything you need for your house at prices that are 10% or less than the original price. My local store was open only 2 hours on Saturday instead of their usual 4 and are now closed for the usual ‘at least two weeks’. I ended up getting 40+ sewing patterns, many of which are like new and they were just 5 cents each. So a pattern that had the original price of $14.95 I got for 5 cents and will sell in for probably $10.99 plus or minus. A huge markup! :slight_smile:

I don’t sell anything health-related, but I have been busy with sales and have sold a lot of pajama patterns which usually do this well right before Christmas.