Pricing Health updates


Yes that is part of what we ran into when we were supposed to list our items on other venues at the same price as here. Yet on eCRATER, only a half more or less of my orders have a fee attached other than that imposed by PP. So I have to charge them more just to be in the same ballpark as with Amazon. No way would I let a bot decide my prices especially when there are so many sellers that just want to get of inventory that they see too many sellers selling, so they price their items at $1 or LESS. No thank you to comparing my prices to that sort of pricing mentality. I want to make money and I have no trouble with letting my inventory mellow for a few years. I’m hoping that I can ‘semi-retire’ and just ship any sales that come our way at that point. Especially like for me why would I want to price classic garment patterns for peanuts when in 10 years that might be the exact size and trim that a person is going to want. An A-Line skirt is an A-Line skirt and will always be pretty much the same.


Lately, we have been receiving “Potential high pricing error” deactivations on rare out of print ASINs that nobody but us sells…

One another listing, we tried to list lower than the only other seller, same item, same condition. We still got the “Potential high pricing error”.

Any explanations?



  1. The bot doesn’t work
  2. It doesn’t compare apples to apples
  3. If someone even lists and item in error (Bulk Upload) everyone gets hurt*

So ASIN B00FG3NJ0O the price for pack of 16 is $35.
Someone bulk uploads thinking the ASIN is a single box and prices it @ $4.00
They take down their offer after they see their listing error.
Now everyone is deactivated because Amazon thinks $4.00 is the correct price, when it has never sold for $4.00.

Why Amazon has to get involved with pricing is beyond me, Amazon offers other options for buyers who are unhappy with their orders. Out of all the years selling, customers that complain about pricing is 0.0001%.


I have so little faith in Amazon to make this work. And if something goes awry I have even less faith that they’ll respond to our questions and concerns. I expect to see lots of cheap products sold at a loss . . . and for almost everyone to opt out within a few months. Whoever runs this company lost their mind (and/or integrity) almost a decade ago.


No, just outright no. Why?
Practically, bots just cannot even compare products without major errors.
So, cannot be done & should not be done.


Your listings are deactivated for a POTENTIAL HIGH PRICING ERROR( This is not really a thing correct??). Sound familiar??? This is the USA right…the FREE MARKET ECONOMY USA correct???

just sayin’


Great, now you can race to the bottom even faster! Don’t let it be limited by the price on Amazon, now if some motorhead wants to sell $.10 over cost on eBay (or elsewhere) you can make sure to have a lower price than his!
Re-pricers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your profitability!


Amazon deactivated 850 of my books ranging from 20$ to 500$ sell prices for POTENTIAL HIGH PRICING ERRORS. There is NO SUCH THING in a free market economy. Anyone that lets Amazon control their pricing to create a more pleasant shopping experience for big river shoppers is a freaking IDIOT!!!

I have reduced that number to 68 using Amazon’s tools available to everyone WITHOUT changing prices or entering any of that maximun/minimum price crap.

Just sayin’


Which is why I do not sell any products where Amazon is also a seller. I can have a lower price, and Amazon still gets the buy box. They will simply go lower, and lower, and lower, to ensure that they DO have the buy box, and it’s irrelevant if this is below their cost or not.


Why should they? They WANT the price as cheap as possible!
It’s good for their site - the cheaper things sell for, the more people buy here.
Yes, it may mean that you will lose money, but they clearly do not care one whit about that. If you disappear 10 more sellers will sign up to take your place. And 10 more after that.


What you’re describing is a “competitive market”. In a competitive market, a fair price will be established between willing buyers and willing sellers, based on the value the buyer perceives in the offer, and the profitability of the sellers. With offerings from both Amazon and millions of 3P sellers, I don’t believe anyone can reasonably believe sellers are inflating prices here because their opportunity for excessive profits is so great. In fact, I think it’s the opposite.

More likely is that AMZN is trying to squash other marketplaces before they get legs and become real competitive threats. If we can all agree that the cost of selling on AMZN is higher than other venues, then it follows that product prices would be higher here than other venues that have lower costs. My margins on AMZN are thin enough, thank you very much. I don’t want to get caught up in price-fixing and pricing wars with inferior platforms based on what some highly-imperfect bot finds. Heck, AMZN can’t even run bots properly on their own catalog!


Keep in mind that this automated pricing scheme still allows you to set minimums and maximums…personally my current amazon Auto pricer is more stringent than this one so I’ll pass but it’s good to know it’s there. The option to match outside sites is a good thing, forcing it for a buy box when outside competitors don’t have the same fees etc is bad. I have no problem with this feature, I do with the price fixing nature of the pricing health buy box/add to cart rule.


How did you manage that?


Nothing that I am going to discuss on the list but…everytime that you click on your deactivated listings you can see the tool that I used…just above where the list starts

good luck…


I just cleared my last 68 listings so until the next time that the bot goes crazy i am clean

just sayin’


i am here to make money NOT to lose !! My time is very important and I don’t want to waste it by trying AMAZON richer !!

and NO they will not get another 10 more sellers to sign up if we disappear , whoever tells you that , it is a B.S ,they may get 1000 more Chinese sellers but not any more US sellers !!!

Everybody fed up with this Amazon THINGS !
Every morning when I wake up , I wonder what trick Amazon will try to pull TODAY ???


It seems I’m the only one in the conversation that actually has at least some (specific case), appreciation for this.

Can you or anybody help?

All others here, seem to only hate the who;e idea.


I smell a great opportunity here, set a spoof listing on ebay, walmart…with ultra low price

Amazon: amazon basics bluetooth speaker - black $49.99

Walmart: amazon basics bluetooth speaker - black $4.99 , but wait, it has an accessory variation setting in the detail page, it’s for “case” only

wait for Amazon bot to match it up, then sweep all amazon inventory at floor price, dump them on ebay…

omg, million dollar mega ebay seller in no time, lol


I support and then you will find amazon lose the market. lol


I rarely speak out but I DO NOT like this forced pricing by Amazon it is a terrible thing. I have a premium product that is priced higher and is a best seller at the higher price and customers appreciate the quality and are happily willing to pay a slight premium for it as it has more positive reviews than any other competitor. No automated algorithm can know how to evaluate individual circumstances. Now with this pricing health, I am losing money for a once profitable product. Other marketplaces like Wal Mart have different fee structures, promotions (loss leaders etc.) and cost of doing business. Amazon should allow the market to set the prices, humans are better than BOTS! If customers don’t like the offer at the current price, the sales will decline and the product will drop in the search results (Thats what BSR if for remember!) This is a terrible idea! And is not appreciated by sellers like me…