Pricing Health updates


You can now enroll in the new Competitive Price Rule from the Pricing Health dashboard with just two clicks. The Competitive Price Rule by Amazon matches the Featured Offer price on all offers for the same ASIN and condition, compares the price from retailers outside Amazon, and continues Automated Pricing after updating prices elsewhere.

Simply select the item to review its Automate Pricing details, which include the recommended minimum and maximum prices. The recommended minimum and maximum prices are based on historical trends for the Competitive Price. Alternatively, you can also set your own. After reviewing the price guardrails, you can then enroll to restore your Featured Offer eligibility.

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  1. How often does this bot run?

  2. How many lower offers does it need to see, and for how long, before lowering ours?

  3. How has Amazon ensured that this tool can’t be exploited by on- and off-Amazon competitors to disadvantage honest Amazon 3P Sellers?


“compares the price from retailers outside Amazon”

No, just no.


I, a human, am my own price guardrail. I’m not about to turn that task over to a bot that is unable to make proper comparison determinations.


I really truly wish Amazon would quit trying to brag about and enforce price fixing. Calling it anything else is just a lie.



When will Amazon unroll a Competitive Fee Rule so that we can truly lower our prices without giving the item away at breakeven margins?


This is price fixing, plain and simple. Other marketplaces don’t take the same fees that AMZN does; does not impose the same A-to-Z policies; is willing to accept delivery confirmation as proof of delivery; etc., etc.

Further, “other platforms” is most likely a euphemism for “the Bay”, where there is not a centralized catalog, and has more lax enforcement of listing descriptions. The likelihood of mis-identification of the “identical product” is extremely high.

Finally, and not unique to our business, we are an authorized reseller for multiple brands that, in many instances, require us to adhere to their MAP policies. Rogue sellers that either are NOT authorized by the brand-owners, or are bringing “gray-market” goods in from outside the USA are RAMPANT on other platforms. To make the argument that offerings here and there are comparable is ludicrous.


race to the bottom


I am wanting to use this in AutoPricing for a while, now. (Beacuse I have my off-amazon competitor changing prices daily, and i want to keep up with them as long as it is wuthin my Specidied zone Min_Allowed_Seller_Price & Max_Allowed_Seller_Price).
However Your Algorithm Is not considering the Off-Amazon retailers Shipping charges. And You Are therefore pushing me down below the off amazon competitor, all day long.

As soon as your people will acknowledge this ERROR, I’m your first customer.

So that you know I’m serious, I have a couple of support cases about autopricing.
I think case: 6168820891 is about this specific issue (not sure). But even if not, that’ll be a good way to get my contact if you’re upto making this work.

BTW: i’m also interested in an auto pricing rule (different than most sellers), for some of my offers, that will NEVER Raise, only lower my prices.
Looks like because all sellers were disappointed with the auto-pricing just drop prices to the bottom, you tried fixing that, which i don’t know how good (or bad) a job you did there.
(Whatever it is, make raising OTIONAL, please. (after that you’ll work on getting the raising feature to work better.)

I do acknowledge that auto-pricing team sent a survey, well i had no way to get the meassage across on that survey, sorry.

I’ll be delighted to here from the auto-pricing team directly.


One thing to add onto this is that Amazon does not adhere to MAP policies of manufacturers. However, some manufacturers, if not the majority of them, will still continue to sell to Amazon. Amazon being the big dog in the house don’t care about MAP policies. They will go below the MAP price or even go below the value of the product just to push you out of the business. Also, when you are selling PRIME on an ASIN that Amazon also sells. If you match their price, they still win 100% of the buy box. Amazon does not adhere to their own buy box rules. You can easily test this by matching them on any product they sell that you have permission to sell as well, and wait for sales to come. It’ll never come. The only way you will win a sale is if a customer somehow navigated to the "New/Used (#) from [other sellers] buttons and decided to go with you as the vendor.

So knowing all of this, with amazing having the advantage by not having to adhere by their own buy box rules and will likely with the majority if not all of the sales because they control the buy box. My question for Amazon forum rep is… If I am selling a product and Amazon decides to sell on the same ASIN or perhaps we both were already selling on the same ASIN. How will competitive price matching help me? Say I turn it on for ASIN 123XYZ and Amazon also has automated pricing for this. And we send the price to Amazon’s bottom guardrail, and now we’re both at the same bottom price. How much of the buy box will I really win when this competitive price rule is suppose to help me score some of the buy box wins, but in reality I’ll probably win 0% of the buy box even with this price rule in placed.


Can you elaborate what part of this machine you are referring to by

My similar concern was,

I assume that’s what you mean, but wanted to very & have it explicit on here.

I experienced a case that i’m pretty confident that Amazon was matching me down to a limited time special price offered at B&H Photo.
#1) They where charging shipping & Amazon was dropping my price to theirs on my FBA offer, so in essence I was being re-priced (by Auto-Pricing) to a few dollars below their special.
#2) 18 hours after that special expired, i was still being pushed down.


Well on (at least) some of my stock that’s what I need, if the competitor is driving that route.
Its annoying, but this is about the auto-pricing tool, which you don’t need to enlist in.

The fact that they are taking away all the Buy Boxes for this [in a seperate news announcement], that I must agree is horrendous, if it is just simply that, without much more considerations.


One of our products fell victim to these badly run bots a few weeks ago and we lost hundreds of dollars because of it. Your bot kept matching our product to an inferior version sold by Walmart of all places - it wasn’t even the same thing! You also have to account for how these other places dont have things like prime shipping available, or the fees we pay.


AMAZON , STOP this price madness !

You should lower your commission and plus all the extras from selling shipping to us .
Why does amazon always try to screw 3rd. Party seller ?


EXACTLY! Well put.


Yeah, don’t like this at all. I remember trying to list a Pokemon Card for $1 and the stupid bot actually flagging the item as being too high in price… what?


i love this new tool… Amazon truly cares for my business.


So basically I can go into say my walmart acct or ebay account and list a product and lower the price all the way down to like $5.00 and Amazon will lower everyone else’s price down to $5.00

hmmm…I might have to start pretending to sell diamonds. :confused:

This is just wrong. Now we have rules for our own pricing. Sounds like Communism…

Regular B&M stores won’t price match any price…basically because they are too low. Says a lot.


Any seller using Amazon’s automated pricing tools is destined to go out of business. The only price it suggests are down. I’m a small book seller, and do my best to keep my prices competitive with sellers offering the same item in the same condition. Amazon recommends that I match my price to the lowest sell price on their site, no matter the condition. Why should I sell a book that is in like new condition for the same price as one in acceptable condition? Does any buyer expect to buy a brand new item for the same price as used? The other problem is that their system won’t notify me when that cheaper copy has sold. So my copy stays at the lower price when I could have sold it for much more. What REALLY defies explanation is why Amazon doesn’t understand that when I sell a book for a higher price, THEY make more money too!!! Total idiots. I spent 40 years as a buyer for some of the largest retailers in the world, and the first lesson you learn is that being price competitive doesn’t mean giving the item away.


Good luck with your BB % if there’s other offer’s around the same price on the items your sell