Prepaid returns for seller fulfilled orders AUTOMATIC when it shouldnt


Yes I want to know too @James_Amazon @SEAmod and @Chris_Amazon! This is unreal!!! Costing us a lot of money and aggravation!


Count me in as having this same issue. Don’t we have enough to deal with this time of year without this kind of glitch?!


At least they could let us know this is a technical issue and we are working on it!


I’m beginning to think this is not a technical issue. The new upload sheets say that multiple return locations are no longer a valid exemption reason. It’s just they handled the implementation of that change extremely unprofessionally and downright scummy, even by Amazons already low standards.


It’s not a technical issue. We spent 2 hours with Amazon on the phone talking what happened to standard override and here is theire respond to our case:
"There has been a recent change in how automatic returns work. You are only able to upload the Return Attribute Overrides template if you are part of the prepaid labels program. "
Amazon is going down, they forgot how to treat their sellers who acually take care of their’ customers. We are working hard to make every buyer happy, yet Amazon neglected to look after 3rd party sellers!!! Just wonder what is next they going to come up with?!


I am part of the prepaid labels program…so that doesnt mean squat!


We are also part of prepaid labels program… yes agree this has nothing to do with exemption reasons etc…


it looks like Amazon really didn’t think this through! We are getting authorizations even on out-of-policy orders! Very frustrated and don’t know what to do. Any suggestions? Did anyone found the way to fix it?


@Woki should have some answers tomorrow…hopefully! Lets all pray hahaha


Time to get the media involved - just like when they sent out those Nintendo emails - then it was oops…sent in error. Only this time they did not have either the DECENCY or the COURTESY to even bother giving any advance notice on such a large change and at the busiest time of year. AMAZON DOES NOT MAKE CHANGES THAT DOES NOT BENEFIT AMAZONS POCKET.

Time to contact the Washington State Attorney General and all the other authorities that are currently investigating Amazon practices.


@Woki I just tried to do the old template and upload it…it says this:

Invalid Exemption reason is no longer valid

Figures…its unreal!


It wont work if you are using “Other” as the reason. This is what I used

“DNC-RE-BIND” “NO” “REQUIRES_SPECIAL_SHIPPING” “item cannot be shipped with a standard USPS/UPS shipping label”

This is the reponse:

DNC-RE-BIND Succeeded

Then if you run an exemption report, you get this:

|SKU|Marketplace|Request status|Request reason code|Decision|Decision state|Record processed|


Which tells me that this SKU IS authorized for override.


What does that all mean at the end @Woki


We would like to get on this issue as well. Let us know what we need to do. We have already 10 returns including one past over 46 days authorized by Amazon.


Jump on the “Amazon Glitchmas” bus


Got this response to my third open case:
“Thank you for your continued patience. At this time I am working with our internal team to reach a resolution on your case. While I don’t currently have an update, I will follow up with you as soon as additional information is available.”

At least they didn’t close it this time…


Give it time, some overseas seller support will close it for you.


We have so far 20…ugh so annoying and its costing a lot of time and money and pissing me off!


Exactly hahaha!!


This issue is not related to SKU “Approved” or “Not Approved”, returns are Auto-Authorized for all SKUs and for any return reasons, the system doesn’t even recognize Out of Policy returns!