Prepaid returns for seller fulfilled orders AUTOMATIC when it shouldnt


As I already mentioned, even though a ton of requests are being authorized, some are also not…so clearly a bug and Amazon could care less lol.


High Price. The only auto returns I am getting now are the SKUs that are below $100 so I couldn’t request exemption on at this time.


Here’s the reply I got from my third case that I opened on this issue:

We understand you are having issues with your SKU Exemption Status dispute for SKU:#XXXX

We have reached out to the respective team to address the issue and have been advised the following.

Effective October 30, 2019, exemptions due to having a different address or due to having better return shipping rates from a different carrier are not supported.

Sellers received a notification about the changes and help page is updated as well I have linked the policy here for review:

Question: “Sellers received a notification about the changes” Did any of YOU get this, because we sure didn’t!


This is irrelavant because this reason “REQUIRES_SPECIAL_SHIPPING” IS NOT WORKING!!!


I understand that that is still an issue, however my question is not irrelevant. Did ANYONE get this mysterious notification about the changes that we all supposedly received?


No and that has nothing to do with this. Its 100% a glitch! @Woki has TWO accounts…one is fine and one is changed. It proves right there it is a glitch!


YES, we were notified on November 4th via Seller Central for a change 5 days early. November 20th is when it imploded!



I don’t think that notification is about this issue. It appears to address sellers who fulfill orders from outside the US : November 4, 2019

Changes to Return and Refund Process for Seller Fulfilled Orders

Effective November 15, 2019, if you are fulfilling customer orders in the US from outside the US, you must provide Amazon a valid US return address for items under $10. Amazon will use this address to generate prepaid return labels for customers on eligible return requests. If a US return address is not provided, Amazon will issue the customer a refund for eligible returns without requiring the item to be returned…"


Did you open up the notification and read it?


yes. I also pasted most of it in the reply …


There is a reason they put a hyperlink in the notification.


LOL no. You can’t simply assert breach of contract and then argue the arbitration condition doesn’t apply . . . otherwise you could opt out of arbitration for ANY contract dispute.

bunga bunga!


Fellow sellers, this is getting off topic, the override reason “REQUIRES_SPECIAL_SHIPPING” IS NOT WORKING!!! This is in the template and suggested as a reason that can be selected. @James_Amazon


We are seeing many more returns coming in as a result of this new policy. I tried variations of the override, nothing took. I wish it was a glitch, but i think it is here to stay. I had a customer tell me that Amazon told them the return label price of $5.60. Amazon told me the customer was not made aware of the price, so the customer shared the info with me, seller support was wrong once again. We adjusted our returns policy and tell customers up front that an item returned in a condition other than shipped or ‘used’ will have an 50% restocking fee applied due to a new Amazon policy which begun on November 20, 2019. i hated to do it, and will have backlash for it (one negative review about it already), but in light of this new policy it was either raise the price of the product or implement Amazon’s maximum restock fee. as our returns are less than 1% it really wont hurt the masses, just the customers who expect sellers to eat all costs and return at will. As i mentioned, i think this policy is here to stay and not a glitch. i wrote my thoughts to the jeff bezo’s team, and havent heard anything in response. this new policy is going to wreak havoc on returns. ironically Amazon makes money on returns and likely profit on the shipping label as well as short term holding of the shipping cost over thousands of sellers equals a lot of extra money to Amazon.


Auto-authorizations should not be granted for orders beyond the 30-day return window, out of policy. This is a problem that has to be corrected, it is clear breach of policy, and hypocritical. Amazon themselves don’t auto-generate labels for orders beyond the 30-day return window. This is an absurd allowance that Amazon should be correcting immediately. @James_Amazon


Woki, hey we would love to discuss this with you. Is there a way we can contact you ?


today i have 2 return requests for the same order and both requests received a pre-paid return label for the same item @ $5.60. My account hasnt been charged yet. I am constantly monitoring my reports and have a spread sheet to enter info on who received labels and when it was charged to my account. Amazon has added another level of items to check due to their poor implementation of the pre-paid return labels.

I now have 21 auto-authorized requested since nov 20. 5 have arrived at my location. All items were used and unsellable.

customers are getting really angry about having to pay restocking fees to cover this label.

It pains me to see the company Amazon has become. As Jeff Bezos said recently, ‘Amazon will fail.’
restructuring this company is needed as they are truly destroying the retail market with their predatory practices and turning customers into return robots. Amazon makes more money on a return than on the sale itself and sticks the bill to all the little guys and girls out there. this prepaid label system is yet another racket.


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