Prepaid returns for seller fulfilled orders AUTOMATIC when it shouldnt


As best i know you can deduct a 50% restocking fee for ‘items returned in a condition other than shipped’ If the product is used in any manner, packaging damaged, slightly used, it is in a condition other than shipped. the result is angry customers, but what else can you do to make up fees for return shipping?


what about when a customer returns and orders directly from our own website in a different color? the Amazon order was delivered, they looked at the package and went to our website, saw we sell other colors and chose to return the Amazon order to order from our website. Shipping to this customer was $13 and now return shipping is $5.60. thats 18.60, plus the return is a full loss as we only sell new items. When i refund them minus fees, negative feedback will surely happen. total BS. This new policy is a mess.


I think it depends on the return reason buyer selected, what if a buyer selected “Defective” as return reason but upon inspecting the returned merchandise you find out he/she damaged the item after using it for nearly a month! It is very difficult to win A-z for these kind of transactions … They usually see the return reasons


As per our experience, unfortunately many selected return reasons are not correct, particularly Inaccurate website description or Item defective or doesn’t work etc. and now auto-authorized free returns even made this more complicated for us


Exactly. Some buyers are not honest and do not want to take responsibility for their own mistakes, which is paying their return shipping costs. Amazon provides them a way to escape from their responsibility by giving them “Inaccurate website description” or “Item defective or doesn’t work” without even checking with the sellers. These buyers would not choose “bought by mistake” to acknowledge their own mistakes and would not want to pay return shipping costs. So they blame sellers. This puts quite a burden to sellers selling items with high shipping costs. Now the auto approved returns just make us stop selling our big and heavy items on Amazon. A lose situation for all parties: sellers, Amazon(no sales, no commission), and many buyers who would like to buy our products. Very sad.


Still waiting on @Chris_Amazon @James_Amazon Could PLEASE explain to US why override reason “REQUIRES_SPECIAL_SHIPPING“ is still not working. This is still a valid reason per the last publication on 11/4/2019. After upload all my SKUs, are approved. This is absolutely ridiculous.


We continue suffering due to cruel and unprofessional back stubbing way to do business (amazon seller support is useless but we already know that). We received numerous way past 30 days AUTO-authorized returns: one came back 55 days old for fairly pricey wardrobe soft-close lift (returned in USED and DESTROYED condition). We took photos of the product and had to dispose the lift, impossible to salvage - total loss (incredible); another was past 46 days old, a $16 with free shipping trash bin - Amazon charged us $20 for AUTO return and fully refunded the buyer (total loss of $42) - “interesting way doing business, buy for some amount and take a loss for three times the product cost, lol).”
We just emailed jeff’s team, see what comes out of it.


I just received an auto-authorized return that is about 286 days old, No Longer Needed is the reason.

This is absolutely crazy - even Amazon’s return window is only 30 days. Something needs to be done about this.




Get a faster response if the media gets involved

Get a faster response if the Washington Attorney General gets involved

Probably get the attention of the regulatory authorities as well…


OMG thats unreal!!!


Based on this definition:

“ A breach of contract occurs when one party fails to perform a promise previously bargained for or interferes with another party’s performance.‘

I’d say that this applies, so the contract we agreed to when we enrolled to sell on Amazon is now in breach and arbitration is no longer our only option.


I have the same question as RC_Express. Where do you find this report? I have never seen the column with “Decision” that could be helpful. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Reports -> Return Reports -> Select Exemption Feed from drop down and enter your batch number from your upload.


Very, helpful! Thanks so much.

In the past we were using BETTER_RATES for the return reason.

According to my exemption template, these are the only reasons codes you can request exemption on:

So for the $50 part that would ship USPS Priority mail, there is nothing we can do to exempt? I thought “HIGH_PRICE” was the closest but this would only work on items I sell over that cost. I have many ASINS under $100.



At this point, not sure what one you choose, the current active reasons are not working (except for one) and again for moderators, THIS IS THE ISSUE.


Thanks again for the reply. I sounds as though these are the only active return codes though?

I noticed you mentioned “REQUIRES_SPECIAL_HANDELING” on this thread but I do not see that code on the Template.

With the codes they are currently offering, it sounds as though it no longer matters if you get better rates or not, they are forcing you to buy postage through them which also forces an auto return. :frowning:


You’re right its “REQUIRES_SPECIAL_SHIPPING” . The old template had “HANDLEING”. REQUIRES_SPECIAL_SHIPPING does not work.


I uploaded our SKUs using the new template before Thanksgiving, checked back on 12/2/19 and saw all but 4 were APPROVED - FINAL (the four are APPROVED - TEMPORARY). Had two return requests come in yesterday. One of them was Out of Policy so it allowed us to authorize or decline. The second one was delivered 10 days ago and also let us authorize the return. Fingers crossed our nightmare has ended.


What reason did you use?