Prepaid returns for seller fulfilled orders AUTOMATIC when it shouldnt


It will not work


All sellers affected by this, PLEASE send a email to


Can the seller just deduct the prepaid return label cost from refund amount?


Sure you can, what’s your point?


Yes but this may increase chances of Negative feedback!


I have emailed @jeff and I normally would not use that email address, but that is how strongly I feel this needs to get changed back to let 3rd party Marketplace sellers have the opportunity to manually review returns so their own RMA can be used that suppliers require and so that we can use prepaid return labels provided by our suppliers rather than paying return shipping out of our own pocket (costing us tens thousands of dollars a year.).


Just a quick update that reuploading doesn’t work! we have received several auto approved returns for orders we recently shipped.

Customer Returns 450 days later

Going to email now, this doesn’t make sense…


We just emailed this was the first time we contacted Amazon via this email. Many sellers, including us, are facing this issue.


No, it does not.


Yes i asked in the forum about this a few days ago but no one responded… so after asking seller support 3 times someone told me the “better rates” reason code was no longer valid… Please note that If reason code is “BETTER_RATES” and “DIFF_ADDRESS” : No exemption will be provided. Prepaid label will be generated on the address provided in return address feeds.
so i looked into this and apparently on 10/31/19 the reason codes for auto authorized returns were changed… so if you used “better rates” as your reason code any of those skus will be auto authorized… meanwhile, i uploaded an return override with that reason code on 11/5/19 and it was successful…

They didnt think sellers should be advised of this change.
“While Seller Support hasn’t been formally notified of the change it’s reasonable to presume that the team responsible for the change will reach out to effected MFN Sellers when the everything is in place. A system-wide notification seems unlikely as it would be confusing to FBA sellers as well as those MFN sellers who do not work with the exemptions.”


Yes, it was posted on November 4th, but that is NOT the issue. We have the option per their policy that we can use REQUIRES_SPECIAL_HANDLING

You can request exemptions for SKUs that fall under the following categories:

  • Items that have special shipping or handling requirements (for example, dangerous goods)

We have all used this reason, uploaded and it has been approved but the auto-authorizations still continue.

Please email using the threads title as the subject.


Since 11/20/19 Amazon have been AUTO approving and giving customers Return Label even though we are part of the “Return Attribute Overrides” and all my uploaded SKUs were succeeded and approved.


Yes we know this that is what this post is about


The issue is with all reason codes currently and not only “BETTER_RATES” and “DIFF_ADDRESS”


Why this issue is showing as SOLVED when it is not!


Because the moderators are simulating Seller Support in Asia. If they can’t find the answer on google, they close it.


I suspect that it’s possible that the FMT marked James’ post as the solution simply because they want his notification of this problem being investigated to show prominently at the top of this very long thread.

Dum Spiro Spero


Okay, so I am trying to use their new codes or shall I say valid codes, and I am getting this error message after uploading the file. “Invalid Prepaid label value is invalid” Anyone know why this is happening with their valid codes?


What are you using for a reason?