Prepaid returns for seller fulfilled orders AUTOMATIC when it shouldnt


So far for us @jjazn only hazmat items we can override…thats probably what you are getting.


It sounds like it but they have not provided further details!


Folks any updates? Deducting money for labels is not an option from customers as they expect anyand every shipping as free from amazon.


No new information since November 21!


Please make sure to email


Would you or anyone provide a sample email to be sent to jeff bezo please? We sure would be interested doing whatever it takes to get whoever needs to get an attention and stop this madness and extortion.


@LessIsAlwaysMore has one that’s more generic. Can you please share via PM


Just sent email


@James_Amazon Then explain this spreadsheet that shows ALL of my active SKU’s exempt and authorized by Amazon???


We are about to email jeff bezo team in regards of this AUTO return issue. Is anyone else emailing his team as well?


Did it on Wednesday


I can solve this for you.

Back in September a glitch happened that wiped out all return overrides. It took seller support 6 weeks to basically tell us we had to reupload all of our overrides. When I asked how and why this happened, I basically got “we gave you a solution, it is not our job to fix it, but to offer you a solution for you to fix it”.


@Woki Where did you find the report showing Active SKU’s My files do not look like yours


Reports -> Return Reports -> Select Exemption Feed from drop down and enter your batch number from your upload.


@Woki Thank you!!


We uploaded again, let’s see if this is going to resolve the issue


We are auto parts seller, and we are paying SO MUCH on return shipping now. So as a third party seller, we guess Jeff treat his dog better than us.


I’ve uploaded about 5 different times and tried several different methods, and nothing works. There is no shortcut or fix for this. It is now a waiting game.


Yes that is correct. Doing another upload won’t do a thing


Tried it yesterday. Didn’t work.