Prepaid returns for seller fulfilled orders AUTOMATIC when it shouldnt


Exemptions due to having a different address or due to having better return shipping rates from a different carrier are not supported. While the return attribute overrides for exemption request uploaded by you is successful, Amazon can still generate prepaid return labels if the uploaded SKUs do not fall under any of the criteria mentioned here.

If you wish to configure multiple return addresses for your returns then you should use “return address overrides” following the steps here.


Perhaps you can also advise why sellers were NOT advised of this massive change in ADVANCE.

Why sellers were NOT given advance notice via email

Why sellers were NOT given advance notice via Seller Central

Why sellers were NOT given advance notice via the Seller Newsletter


Oh and when do the intend to update the UPS shipping cost table to reflect accurate rates since the current one has not been updated since OCTOBER 2017?

Must say ill timing for a seller poll on Seller Central asking if we believe that Amazon cares about the success of our business!


wow, end of story!!!


@James_Amazon, what are we to do when our supplier needs their own specific RMA for return? Also, all of my suppliers pay return shipping for damaged or defective items. Now, with Amazon’s new policy, I am being forced to pay to return the item. This is a HUGE added expense that is completely unnecessary. Please address these concerns


Whats taking so long to fix this automatic returns…its a week now and Amazon is costing us a lot of aggravation and lots of money for this labels @James_Amazon!!


they wont fix anything, check above


Why would Amazon make a change to the A-Z rules with return requests (respond in 48 hours or lose any A-Z) and then make this other quiet change so shortly after?


@James_Amazon Please let me elaborate on my questions. I have many different suppliers and many different addresses returns could go to. The problem is, I can’t use those address without have a specific RMA from each of those suppliers. So, I can’t change my settings to use those addresses unless given the option to manually review at least somewhat to enter RMA details.

Secondly, as mentioned before, All of the suppliers I work with will provide a prepaid return label for returns because of damage, defective, or otherwise not as described. But now I have to pay to return for those reasons. If Amazon would let me manually review, I could provide the supplier label and not have the return expense. I would still be required to accomplish this in 48 hours with the new policy that started this month.


WOW! Losing a VERY big customer!


how about special shipping or handling requirements (for example, dangerous goods)? is this a technical issue? can you please provide further details?


What about RMA’s James? How is Amazon supporting that for multiple addresses? Your engineers really didn’t think this out prior to pushing this change. Its arbitration time with my attorney.


Everyone, please email with your concerns in regards to this change. We need to bombard his team with emails. Use this in the title Prepaid returns for seller fulfilled orders AUTOMATIC when it shouldnt Reference the forum link and stress your concern.


did you receive auto approved returns for orders placed after you have uploaded this exemption ? “special shipping or handling requirements”


Before and after, my Phd guys been trying to fix this since last week! Still the same!


i mean lets say you have uploaded new exemption on nov 20th. Customer placed an order on nov 21st. did you receive auto return for that order ? We still did not receive any auto approved return for recent orders, that is why i. am asking.


still too early to judge orders placed after Nov 20th, we use standard shipping 3-5 days, in the next couple of days we will update you if we receive auto return for the new orders


Yes before and after for us! Doesnt matter!


Yes we agree! before and after doesn’t matter, but lets wait and see. We will update you


ok let us know


For sure it is a bug, some returns are being auto authorized and some are not, I can confirm that even the ones that are being auto authorized have the same override settings as the ones that are not being auto authorized.